Off Side: Link Income Solidario 160,000 pesos today: how do I collect money

As of July 31, the fourth installment of the Solidarity Income of 160,000 pesos, amount given to the families most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. If the payment for the month has not yet arrived or you have problems collecting it, the information will be supportive. So far, the Government, chaired by Iván Duque, has … Read more

Off Side: Link Ingreso Solidario 160 thousand pesos: steps to collect money through

More about the Solidarity Income of 160 thousand pesos. The Government chaired by Iván Duque confirmed that the fourth round of Solidarity Income will be made to several vulnerable families in the country that are highly affected by the pandemic of the new COVID-19. So far, the State has made an investment of 1.5 billion … Read more