Scientists have solved mysterious cases of infant deaths

It is clear from one study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. Died of common foods The researchers’ detective work took them back to the early 20th century, when more than 80 percent of children in industrialized Europe and North America were affected by the flu. It was a serious disease, characterized … Read more

Some manufacturers launched Switch Joy-Con parts, claiming that after modification, the drifting problem can be permanently solved- XFastest Hong Kong

Many Nintendo Switch users have encountered the Joy-Con “drifting” problem, and this problem cannot be completely solved for the time being. As long as the Joy-Con has been used for a period of time, there is a high chance of encountering this problem and need to be replaced with a new one. Joy-Con. Recently, a … Read more

SOLVED FOR YOU: Protected stone marten damages roof (Pelt)

A stone marten puts René at a heavy cost. To repair the damage the animal has caused, the entire roof must be removed. — © Karel Hemerijckx Pelt – A stone marten has wreaked havoc in René’s attic in Pelt. The repair costs 35,000 euros. The government does pay compensation for damage caused by game, … Read more

Switch’s Joy-Con handle drift problem can finally be completely solved, but it has nothing to do with Nintendo|

After years of dealing with Joy-Con drift issues and Nintendo not offering a satisfactory answer, we may finally have a solution. A company called Gulikit has created a set of stick replacements for the Switch controller that promises to eliminate the problem of stick drift once and for all. If you’re a Switch owner, you’re … Read more

The mystery of the dying Radeon RX 6000 is apparently solved

That’s how you buy a card and it dies. And the strange thing is, it happens to dozens of other people at the same time. And you ask yourself, what the hell could it be? We recently reported on mass death Radeon RX 6000 series cards. The KrisFix fixer got a total of 48 cards … Read more

Mystery solved. Scientists have figured out why Roman structures have survived for millennia

The secret of baths: intimate rituals in the past took place in different ways, they had a message The study team, which included scientists from the United States, Italy and Switzerland, analyzed two thousand-year-old concrete samples taken from a city wall at the archaeological site of Privernum in central Italy, which are similar in composition … Read more

Disappeared in 1997, she was found dead on the shores of Lake Michigan: the case solved 25 years later | Miscellaneous facts

WATCH: 25-year-old case solved in Michigan At the time, there was nothing to identify the victim except for an earring. Michigan State Police reopened the case two years ago. Further DNA testing was done due to the condition of the bones. The remains were finally able to be identified at the end of 2022 thanks … Read more

Problem with annoying whistling sound solved: company Adams sets off outdoor alarm and discovers unwanted night visitors on camera (Zandhoven)

Massenhoven – Massenhoven has been plagued by an annoying whistle since the beginning of 2023. The Adams firm has now discovered that the culprit is her outdoor alarm. In the meantime, it became clear from camera images that the alarm was activated at 3:28 am on January 2 due to an unwanted nightly visit. Monday, … Read more