Mystery solved: where does the sheet on your cup of tea come from?

Researchers at the University of Zurich have discovered where the skin on the tea comes from. “A lot of fruit and vegetables contain so-called phenols, which react with the calcium in the tea water”, explains Dirk Van Dyck, professor of Physics at the University of Antwerp in “Nieuwe facts” on Radio 1. “The more lime, … Read more

Occupation of Groningen university building over: ‘Cannot only be solved with emergency shelter’

The promotion at the University of Groningen (RUG) is over. Dozens of students have been holding the University’s Academy Building there since this afternoon busy. With the campaign they wanted to force more housing for students in the city. The occupiers had united in the action group Shelter Our Students (SOS) and entered into discussions … Read more

Citizenship income, the problems to be solved: from the stakes on assets to the impossibility of paying in installments. “I can’t buy a stove”. “The figure has been reduced and I don’t know why”

The “stigma” of card yellow, a lot recognizable when it is used to pay, it may seem the least of the problems but it is a burden for those who have difficulty accepted that they need a public subsidy. The problems most often reported by earners of the Basic income who in these days have … Read more

3 Mysteries in the World That Have Never Been Solved

Pasuruan ( – Some things are hard to explain logically. Like some things in the world whose whereabouts are still a mystery. Many people prefer things that can be solved quickly logically. But sometimes, it is also necessary to solve the problem completely before it becomes a mystery. For example 3 mysteries in the world … Read more

Last minute: The symptom riddle in Delta has been solved! Here is the new list

class=”cf”> It has been in our lives for about 2 years. coronavirus (covid-19) infected more than 200 million people, costing the lives of more than 4 million people. Recently the virus Delta is on the agenda with its variant. Because the variant that WHO describes as ‘worrying’ is shown as the main reason for the … Read more

“You may have new messages on WhatsApp”: What is it about and how is it solved? | Chronicle

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service in the world. It was created 12 years ago and quickly spread around the world, to the point that it caught the attention of Facebook and the company of Mark Zuckerberg He ended up buying it for $ 21.8 billion. Now, the app already has more than … Read more

Vaccination obligation, Pacifico (Anief): “Problems are not solved this way, on the contrary. The government should become aware of the situation” [INTERVISTA]

We are moving towards the compulsory vaccination for teachers and Ata. The government is increasingly determined and this solution will certainly be on the agenda at today’s meeting between the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi and the trade union forces. A School horizon the president of Anief intervenes, Marcello Pacifico: “Introducing compulsory vaccination does not … Read more