Far from Solzhenitsyn. “Ivan Denisovich” by Gleb Panfilov is not a movie, but meanness and betrayal | Kashin

The propaganda model is the theory of Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky, which asserts the existence of systematic distortions in the media and explains them for economic reasons. In terms of the propaganda model, the media are seen as businesses selling goods – readers and audiences (not news) – to other businesses (advertisers, governments). That … Read more

Solzhenitsyn in the sky. Is the film “Ivan Denisovich” a vaccine against patriotism? | History | Society

Again about “Shch-854” The premiere of the director’s film took place on September 23, 2021 Gleb Panfilova “Ivan Denisovich” based on the story Alexandra Solzhenitsyn “One day of Ivan Denisovich”. The story, which had the original name “Shch-854. One day of one prisoner ”opened the world to the writer Solzhenitsyn, and to Soviet literature – … Read more