‘Sony, Nintendo & Microsoft not at E3 2023’, is this definitive end to E3?

IGN came up first with the news: Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft would not be attending the upcoming E3 in June. News that quickly made the rounds and on social media mainly led to the already dead declaration of the great gaming convention of yesteryear. That while the new organizer, ReedPop, hadn’t even had the chance … Read more

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will not participate in E3 2023 according to rumors

In the world of videogames, for many years, the month of June was special, not because there were big releases, but because it is the month in which the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3which for many years was the most important fair in the world of videogames in which the most important companies … Read more

Sony denies PS VR2 stock reduction claims upon release – Update – Gaming – News

Unless the PSVR 2 will soon also become “legacy hardware”. A lot more could change in the next 5-10 years, if it turns out that there is an even better approach to the lenses, the screens, rendering, tracking, etc. Of course, this applies to the entire VR world and not just the PSVR2. It’s a … Read more

Is Sony hinting at a new Uncharted?

Earlier today you could read that the PlayStation 5 should be a lot more available everywhere from now on and that Sony has therefore launched a new marketing campaign. A commercial with live action footage was also immediately released, which can be linked to various games, upcoming games and games that are already available. However, … Read more

Sony is lying to the European Union about Call of Duty, claims Microsoft

The conflict between Sony and Microsoft related to the plans to take over Activision Blizzard by the Americans has long ceased to be understandable for many. Unfortunately, it is not expected that the situation will improve dramatically in the near future, as more accusations come to light against both companies. This time, the giant from … Read more

Increase your sound setup with surround systems from Sony –

At Quick Look, we check out all kinds of different types of technology. Be it PC hardware, monitors, headphones, mice, laptops, tablets, phones, consoles, controllers, earbuds, routers, drones, camera tech, accessories, the latest goes on and on. But what we don’t check out as often are speaker systems, and that’s what makes today’s Quick Look … Read more

Sony accused of lying to European regulators

Microsoft communications chief claims Sony lied to regulators The soap opera involving the acquisition of Activision Blizzard through the Microsoft added another chapter last week. Frank X. Shaw, head of communications for the company founded by Bill Gates, said in a post on Twitter that Sony would be lying to the supervisory bodies in Europe … Read more

TOP 5: eMAG offers from 27.01.23 (Mac Mini with Apple M2 on pre-order, Sony monitors with 4K resolution and HDMI 2.1, LEGO Technic

In the current list you will discover a smartphone with advanced photo capabilities and an increasingly better price, an HP Omen gaming system with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070, but also 3 other interesting products. 1. LEGO Technic – Monster Jam Grave Digger Toy for the little ones and more A gift card worth 15% of … Read more

there will be no PS5 Pro or PS5 Slim, because Sony is more interested in the next generation, says informant Tom Henderson

It has been a custom of Sony, throughout the generations, to make a intermediate relief for its current console with a smaller model or, as it happened in the eighth generation, a little more powerful (PS4 Pro). It will not be the case this time. According to renowned industry insider Tom Henderson, Sony is more … Read more

Noodles on the ears: Sony introduced headphones with an unusual design

This is what Float Run looks like on a person. Photo: Sony Last February Sony released LinkBuds – “leaky” headphones. They have a special hole in the middle so that the owner can hear everything that happens around. The company went further and presented Float Run. Float Run from all sides. Photo: Sony This model … Read more