Sony INZONE H9/H7/H3 review: PS5 compatible gaming headset | 4Gamers

Sony’s gaming brand INZONE has launched its gaming headsets in Taiwan, including the INZONE H9 (WH-G900N), the wireless INZONE H7 (WH-G700) and the wired INZONE H3 with both wireless and active noise cancellation. (WH-G300) meet different market levels, let’s take a look at their details and performance! Appearance and Design INZONE H9 INZONE H7 INZONE … Read more

Astronomer Wang Weihao leads you into the door of deep space photography through Sony α1 | T Kebang

The beautiful starry sky is a strange and mysterious existence for many photographers, and most of the enthusiasts who are interested in astrophotography only shoot large-scale works of the Milky Way; however, those countless celestial objects hidden in the night sky, There are many different appearances and their own beauty, which are worth capturing and … Read more

Call of Duty: Sony not happy about Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision

Brazilian government filings reveal how Sony really feels about Microsoft’s acquisition of Acitivision Blizzard, and with it Call of Duty. The Japanese are concerned that the merger could affect players’ decision on which console they choose in the future. It is a rarity for companies to reveal their true reasoning. But documents from the Brazilian … Read more

Sony XG300

Sony announces the expansion of its portable speaker range with the XG300. This powerful model offers a high-quality room-filling sound with deep bass tones. The speaker is also compact enough to take anywhere to enjoy the best sound anytime and anywhere. A speaker must produce powerful and clear sound everywhere. Thanks to the unique X-Balanced … Read more

Sony loses the exclusivity of these 3 licenses… which are with the competition!

Black day for Playstation which loses three licenses which are now in the hands of its competitor Microsoft. To read laterSavedFollow #Video Games#Video Games Tracking in addition lingering PS5 shortage issuesit’s a new blow for the Japanese publisher. Sony loses not one, not two but three licenses that are very popular with fans which now … Read more

PS5 is selling well, but the game is not selling

Jakarta – Sony reduced its estimated profit from the gaming business as sales of its PlayStation games were not as large as previously thought. This estimate was issued by Sony after announcing shipments of 2.4 million units PS5 in the last quarter, up just 4% from the 2.3 million units shipped in the same period … Read more

Sony expects PlayStation game business to decline, console supply exceeds demand but game demand decreases – Hong Kong

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been plagued by out-of-stock problems since its launch, and it’s been worse recently. In an earlier earnings report, they lowered their full-year profit forecast for the gaming business. Sony said it shipped 2.4 million PS5 units in the last quarter (the second quarter of fiscal 2022), up just 4 percent from … Read more