Successful launch of 40 Space X and OneWeb communication satellites Completion of the first generation network is near | sorae Portal site to space

On March 9th local time, SpaceX successfully launched 40 communications satellites (hereinafter “OneWeb satellites”) of the US communications company “OneWeb”. OneWeb is proceeding with the construction of a communication satellite constellation, and it is expected that the “first generation network” will be completed with one remaining launch. [▲ Falcon 9 rocket launched from Space Force … Read more

SpaceX launches Starlink satellite.Second injection into Shell 5 orbit | sorae portal site to space

[▲ Falcon 9 rocket (Credit: SpaceX Twitter)] SpaceX will launch on January 26, 2023 Japan time.“Falcon 9”We launched a rocket.was on board“Starlink Satellite”has been safely put into orbit, the company’s SNS and official websitereported. Information about the launch is below. ■ Launch information: Falcon 9 (Starlink Group 5-2) Rocket: Falcon 9 Block 5Launch date and … Read more

H-IIA Rocket No. 46 Successfully Launches Government’s “Information Gathering Satellite Radar No. 7” Used for Security and Disaster Countermeasures | sorae Space Portal Site

On January 26, 2023, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.Launch of “H-IIA” Rocket No. 46Did. The rocket hasInformation gathering satellite radar No.7” is installed, and the launch was successful. [▲ Launch of H-IIA No. 46 released by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Credit: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Launch Service)] At 10:50 on January 26, 2023 Japan time, H-IIA Launch Vehicle … Read more

“Ghostlights” released by stars wandering in galaxy clusters for billions of years | sorae Portal site to space

A huge galaxy clustercluster of galaxiesThen countless stars wandering among the galaxiesghostly light (ghost light)is leaving These stars do not appear to be gravitationally attached to any of the galaxies in the cluster. 【▲Two giant galaxy clusters “MOO J1014+0038” (left) and “SPT-CL J2106-5844” (right) captured by the wide-field camera 3 of the Hubble Space Telescope. … Read more

Confirmation of Earth-sized exoplanet 41 light-years ahead First confirmation of planet existence by Web Space Telescope | sorae Portal site to space

[▲ Artist’s impression of the exoplanet “LHS 475 b” (foreground) orbiting the red dwarf star “LHS 475” (background) (Credit: Illustration: NASA, ESA, CSA, Leah Hustak (STScI))] A team of researchers led by Jacob Lustig-Yaeger and Kevin Stevenson at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) used the James Webb Space Telescope to identify an … Read more

Bar-shaped structure found in galaxy over 8 billion years old!Analysis of observation data from the James Webb Space Telescope | sorae Portal site to space

A research team led by Yuchen Guo, a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin, has announced research results showing that a spiral galaxy with a bar-shaped structure already existed in the early universe about 11 billion years ago. The research team used observational data obtained using the “James Webb” Space Telescope. 【▲ … Read more

“Space Astronomy News” that attracted attention in 2022 ~Second half: Astronomy News Edition~ | sorae Portal site to space

This year, too, there was a series of noteworthy news related to space development and astronomy. From the news that sorae reported in 2022, we will pick up and introduce three notable news. This time it’s the second half of the “astronomical news”! *This article is based on information as of December 26, 2021. >> … Read more

“James Webb Space Telescope” updates the record of the farthest galaxy in observation history | sorae Portal site to the universe

[▲ Artist’s impression of the James Webb Space Telescope observing deep space (Credit: AlejoMiranda)] in spacethe galaxy” was born after how long after the universe was born? In order for a galaxy, a celestial body with a high material density, to be born, it is necessary for the materials to attract each other by gravity … Read more

Discovery of two new candidates for “oceanic planets” covered in vast oceans Expectations for observations by the Web Space Telescope | sorae Portal site to space

[▲ An illustration of an exoplanet orbiting the red dwarf Kepler 138 (Credit: NASA, ESA, L. Hustak (STScI))] A research team headed by Caroline Piaulet of the University of Montreal’s Institute for Exoplanets (iREx) has discovered new information about extrasolar planets orbiting the red dwarf Kepler-138, about 218 light-years away in the constellation Lyra. Published … Read more

Galaxy pair “VV 191” photographed by Hubble Space Telescope & Webb Space Telescope | sorae Portal site to the universe

[▲Agalaxypair”VV191″photographedbytheHubbleSpaceTelescopeandtheWebbSpaceTelescope(Credit:NASAESACSARogierWindhorst(ASU)WilliamKeel(UniversityofAlabama)StuartWyithe(UniversityofMelbourne)JWSTPEARLSTeamAlyssaPagan(STScI))] This is a pair of galaxies in the direction of “Boesus”「VV 191」is. The two galaxies facing each other are reminiscent of the eyes of a creature. VV 191 is one of approximately 2,000 “overlapping pairs of galaxies” identified by the public participation astronomy project “Galaxy Zoo.” Viewed from Earth, VV 191 has a large … Read more