Corona billions that nobody wants

Brussels.At every EU summit, the heads of state and government describe in bright colors how terribly the virus has hit their own economy. The aids provided are only touched on to a small extent. In order to deal with the damage, the Union’s finance ministers had already put together a first aid package in the … Read more

Schriesheim: 50,000 euro donation for pump track

The project to build a pump track in Schriesheim has made great strides. As CDU city councilor Frank Spingel announced at an on-site visit on the Push site, an anonymous donor from Schriesheim has pledged a donation of 50,000 euros. A pump track is an asphalt or concreted course, suitable for bicycles, … .

Stocking up can be attractive – Mannheimer Morgen

Berlin.Land is in short supply in metropolitan areas – areas that have already been built are therefore used more. Not only for investors, but also for private builders, adding, demolishing and building new as well as additional development of the property can be attractive. However, building law sets limits to such redensification. “Private owners often … Read more

Donations are welcome – South Hesse tomorrow

Lampertheim.The Lampertheim animal shelter is temporarily closed to visitors due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The care of the four-legged friends – 20 dogs and eleven cats – is still assured. “Even if we currently do not offer opening times due to protective measures, appointments can still be made for animal placement,” explains … Read more

“The donations saved me”

Lampertheim.What kind of happy days were those – back then, before the outbreak of the corona pandemic. It was possible to sing, make music and celebrate on the stage in the Swan Hall. Professional musicians performed alongside amateur musicians from the Lampertheim scene. Now instruments and voices are silent. It has become quiet again in … Read more

Alliance funds education with one million euros

Class 2000 is the name of a teaching program for health promotion as well as violence and addiction prevention in elementary schools. It was introduced in Mannheim in 2003 and an important milestone has now been reached: One million euros have been invested in Mannheim so far. This was made possible by an alliance of … Read more

A change can be worthwhile

Berlin.Sufficient insurance companies only have one direction in terms of contributions: upwards. Car insurance is a nice exception. Many consumers can save on this every year. On the one hand, because there are very simple ways to optimize your own contract. On the other hand, because the providers put fresh tariffs on the market every … Read more

TG waives lease income – Südhessen Morgen

Bobstadt.The lockdown of their restaurant also affects the account of TG Bobstadt. The board of the association has decided to suspend the lease for the moment. “Of course we lack the income, because the obligations to the bank have remained,” says Chairman Werner Klag. Because the TG invested heavily in their clubhouse last year and … Read more

“Only dialogue creates understanding”

Manfred Froese received the Concord Medal 2020 for his many decades of voluntary work. It was traditionally awarded on Reformation Day in the CityKirche Concord. “Nothing works in the church without volunteering,” writes the Evangelical Church in a press release. This commitment has been honored with the Concord Medal for more than 15 years. Last … Read more

Proceedings against Kern – Mannheimer Morgen

Landau / Sort.The Supervision and Service Directorate (ADD) Trier has initiated disciplinary proceedings against the controversial Landau teacher Myriam Kern. Since the end of August, the ADD has been checking whether Kern’s behavior at a right-wing demonstration in Berlin in 2018 and the multiple utterance of right-wing slogans made such a procedure necessary. Now an … Read more