Adult actress So-young “My sister is in prison… ” Confession: Sports Donga

Adult actress So-young revealed her family history. On the 24th, on the YouTube channel Puhaha TV, a video titled ‘Adult actress So-young who visited Jeong Ho-geun as the body of a god’ was uploaded. Soyoung said, “I’m Soyoung, an actress belonging to MIB19. After introducing himself as an AV (adult video, adult film) actor,” he … Read more

‘Hip-Hop Medical Sitcom – EMERGENCY’ character synchro rate 100% chemistry 200% script reading behind-the-scenes release – Reporter Choi So-young

The behind-the-scenes script reading of ‘Hip-Hop Medical Sitcom – EMERGENCY’ has been released, heralding the birth of unprecedented characters. Teabing’s original ‘Hip-Hop Medical Sitcom – EMERGENCY’ (hereinafter ‘Emergency’), which will be released for the first time on Friday, October 22, is a program for rappers who are tired of running tirelessly in the overheated competition … Read more

‘Discount culture’ ticket link, ‘Link Week in September’ promotion… Up to 63% time sale for performances and exhibitions – Reporter Choi So-young

NHN Ticket Link announced that it will hold a promotion for ‘LINK WEEK in September’ from the 13th to the 17th. ‘Link Week’ is TicketLink’s only cultural promotion. A weekly time sale is held by carefully selecting popular performances and exhibitions, and various privileges are also provided to pre-orders. It has been running every month … Read more

“Our family ♥” Ko So-young, husband Jang Dong-gun + children and strong family love [N샷]

Capture of Ko So-young’s Instagram story © News 1 Actress Ko So-young boasted a strong family love. On the 29th, Ko So-young posted a picture along with the words “Our family” on her Instagram story. In the published photo, Ko So-young’s family put their hands together. Ko So-young, her husband Jang Dong-gun, and their children’s … Read more

Kim So-young “I feel betrayed by my husband Oh Sang-jin, do it right”… What happened? [비디오스타]

Screen capture of MBC Every1’s entertainment program ‘Video Star’ © News1 Broadcaster Kim So-young, a former announcer, made a strong revelation about her husband Oh Sang-jin in her first appearance on a variety show. Gaeko, composer Shinsadong Tiger, modern dancer Eunmi Ahn, and broadcaster Soyoung Kim appeared on MBC Every1’s entertainment program ‘Video Star’, which … Read more

This should be the top 1… Jang Dong-gun ♥ Ko So-young 11.5 Billion Luxury Apartment

Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young couple / Photo = Hankyung DB Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young were chosen as the ‘Stars who chose the top 1% of houses’. Mnet’s ‘TMI News’, which aired on the 14th, revealed the rankings of the stars who chose the top 1% of houses. Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young, who … Read more