5,200 Tons of Space Material Fall to Earth

Outer space holds a lot of dust from comets and past collisions of celestial bodies. Some of them are attracted by gravity and fall to the earth without realizing it. The latest research report to be published April 15, 2021 in the journal Earth & Planetary Science Letters, the earth every year receives a large … Read more

Blue Origin’s rocket passes final test flight before sending astronauts into space

Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin successfully launched and landed his New Shepard rocket for its 15th test flight on Wednesday April 14. The mission had no crew on board but marked a “verification step” before flying astronauts. Jeff Bezos posted on Instagram two videos of the booster and the capsule returning to Earth. Check out … Read more

US Department of Defense Ensures ‘Pyramid-Shaped’ UFO Videos Are Real – All Pages

Jeremy Corbell/YouTube Video footage of a ‘pyramid-shaped’ UFO sighting in the US. Nationalgeographic.co.id—A series of pictures and videos regarding an unidentified flying object (unidentified flying object/UFO) recorded by the US Navy, has now been confirmed “authentic” by Pentagon, the designation of the Ministry of Defense United States of America (DOD). The general public calls this … Read more

The aliens can be tracked from space pollution

Jakarta – New NASA-funded research suggests that next-generation telescopes may be able to detect emissions on very distant planets to detect presence alien. The galaxy is home to many potentially habitable exoplanets. But in order to determine if anything is really alive in this world, scientists hope to see some signs of life in the … Read more

The latest trailer for Fast and Furious 9 takes us into space

Yes, you read that right. F9, the movie also known as Fast and Furious 9 (O Fast and furious 9), will take Dom and the rest of the characters to the frontier of space, because it is just what this saga needed, which is becoming more and moreIt’s surreal and fun. The ninth film in … Read more

Mysterious Blue Color on Mars Revealed by the NASA Space Agency

United States, Borneo24.com – The United States Space Agency (NASA) released images of the planet Mars for the first time, Thursday (8/4). In the picture, you can see some areas in blue. The image is a dune that covers the north pole of the planet. In that region, NASA says temperatures can reach minus 150 … Read more

Hang Woo-yeon Youth Space Exploration SW Contest-Radio Newspaper

▲ The Korea Aerospace Research Institute is holding the 1st Space Exploration Software Contest for high school students nationwide. Participants will form a team of three and will be tasked with programming a self-driving exploration rover (exploration robot) on a virtual lunar surface. 1 Grand Prize team (Scholarship 5 million won), Excellence Award 1 team … Read more

Jeff Bezos’s step to anger Elon Musk

class=”cf”> Owner of the online shopping platform Amazon and the richest person on our planet Jeff Bezos space took an important step in his work. The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) has signed a $ 2.5 million contract with Blue Origin, a private space company owned by Jeff Bezos. Under the contract, Blue Origin will … Read more

NASA provides live coverage of space station crew landing

50563964032_57134c1431_k.jpeg The architects of Flight 64, Kate Robins of NASA, Sergey Rijikov and Sergey Kud-Svershkov of Roscosmos are scheduled to leave the International Space Station on Friday, April 16. The three crew members were photographed inside JAXA’s (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) Kibo laboratory unit. Credits: NASA Expedition 64 Flight Engineer Kate Robins NASA and two … Read more

Blue Origin, about to do its test to take astronauts into space

Blue Origin has yet to do some testing before launching astronauts into space. But he is preparing for it very hard and this Wednesday he has a scheduled astronaut test that can be seen live, depending on has announced the company. In addition to doing all the belt checks and communications reserved for astronauts; the … Read more