why can’t they masturbate in space

Asked by O’Brien if the US civilian program had equipped pornographic material for the crew to take with them into space, the technician answered a categorical “no.” “No, none of that; three female astronauts can get pregnant by the same man,” who masturbates at one point. There are other NASA technicians who have addressed the … Read more

A BTS song will go from the Moon to Earth, the reason for a South Korean space experiment

A song by the popular South Korean group Kpop will be used by the space agency South Korea, in an experiment to test the communication technology of its space orbiter. South Korea has successfully launched its first satellite-bound orbiter, the Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO) o Danuri in Korean, (an acronym for the Korean words … Read more

The Power of Supernova, Explosion of Stars in Space

The universe consists of various objects, one of which is bintang. A star is composed mostly of hydrogen and helium. Stars produce light and heat from nuclear energy from within their cores. Launch BBC Sciencestars are formed from very large clouds of dust and gas in outer space. Gravity pulling dust and gas together to … Read more

NASA has been launching lasers from the International Space Station for years. There is a good reason behind

We often think of space exploration as something outside of our lives, but many of the experiments we launch into space on rockets are intended to improve our quality of life. GEDI is one of them, with the aim of monitor our forests and measure deforestation.

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Astronomer Wang Weihao leads you into the door of deep space photography through Sony α1 | T Kebang

The beautiful starry sky is a strange and mysterious existence for many photographers, and most of the enthusiasts who are interested in astrophotography only shoot large-scale works of the Milky Way; however, those countless celestial objects hidden in the night sky, There are many different appearances and their own beauty, which are worth capturing and … Read more

I hope that I will have enough space here to learn Czech, says Priske and also gives hope to Drcha

Sparta was relieved. She also finally tasted victory in the new competition year 2022/2023, when she managed to rob Dynamo České Budějovice. According to Brian Priske, it was an important triumph… “I can’t say how much now, but it is. The first win of the season is always crucial and sometimes hard to come by. … Read more

European Space Agency Considers Redesigning X-Ray Space Telescope

The lack of partners led the European Space Agency to redesign the Athens telescope REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, FRANCE – The European Space Agency (ESA) is considering ways to redesign X-ray space telescope after a number of ESA member countries withdrew from the project. The Athena or Advanced Telescope for High-Energy Astrophysics was selected by ESA in 2014 … Read more

‘James Webb Space Telescope’ photo captures light from 13.5 billion years ago | faith news

The first space photo taken with the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), the largest and most powerful space telescope in human history, has been released. This is the highest resolution image of space celestial bodies to date. SMACS 0723 galaxy cluster (Photo=NASA) About this observed photo On July 11 (local time), U.S. President Joe Biden … Read more

Sci-fi stealth action game “Interpol Space Marshals” will push Switch compilation “Space Marshals Collection”

KEMCO Announces Expected Launch of “The Nintendo Switch”Interpol Compilation(Space Marshals Collection), which will hit stores across Asia on October 20, 2022. [The following content is the original text of the information provided by the manufacturer] Game summary The trilogy of the popular SF stealth action game “Interpol” series, all in one, debuts on Nintendo Switch! … Read more