After a pause for review, ESA resumes development of the planet-hunting space telescope

Last week, Plato, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) planet-hunting nation, received the green light to continue its development after reviewing important milestones to be completed successfully. According to ESA, the review verified the maturity of the complete space segment (space platform and payload module), confirmed interface solidity and payload schedule with particular focus on 26 … Read more

Lagrange points, a very attractive space destination –

The James Webb Space Telescope, which lifted off on Christmas Day, is expected to reach its goal by January 22 or 23. He aims for a Lagrange point, a quite exotic place, with phantom moons, even cemeteries of abandoned ships. Lagrange points – named after the mathematician who theorized them in the 18th century – … Read more

‘Uncomfortable space travel’… Space weightlessness causes increased red blood cell destruction

astronaut taking blood Red blood cells, the blood cells responsible for transporting oxygen through blood vessels, were found to die out 54% more in space than on Earth. For the first time, it was discovered that this causes so-called ‘space anemia’, in which the red blood cell count of astronauts who traveled to space decreases. … Read more

Why is the Earth inside a giant bubble in space?

A large space bubble encompasses the Earth, planets and several galaxies (NASA) The Earth is part of a Solar System together with 7 other planets (eight, for those who still count the underprivileged Pluto, which lost its category in 2006, when the International Astronomical Union reclassified it as a dwarf planet). Our Solar System is … Read more

NASA’s New Observatory in Space Observes Black Holes and Supernovas – Atjeh Watch

Jakarta – NASA’s newest X-ray eye is open and ready to make unexpected discoveries. Just about a month into space, the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) is up and running and ready to focus on some of the hottest and most energetic objects in the universe. IXPE is a collaboration between NASA and the Italian … Read more

What will the James Webb Space Telescope See the First Time?

The James Webb Space Telescope begins the long process of aligning 18 segments REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, MARYLAND — As the James Webb Space Telescope began the long process of aligning its 18 main mirror segments. A question then arose in the astronomical community: What would the large observatory see first? Webb successfully flew into space on December … Read more

who was James Webb, the man who names the most powerful space telescope to date

On December 25, space exploration experienced a historic moment, the James Webb Space Telescope successfully completed its takeoff and began a new era of sidereal research. What we already explained in Xataka, its importance lies in the fact that it is a hundred times more powerful than its predecessor, so it will allow humanity to … Read more

Asteroid 2022 AE1 immediately tops NASA and the European Space Agency’s risk lists

Not much is known about Asteroid 2022 AE1 – only two possible collision dates. After its discovery, it moved to the top of the risk lists at NASA and ESA. Frankfurt – about 70 meters in diameter, only known for a few days – has jumped to number one on NASA and its European partner, … Read more