waiting for a space of prosperity taking advantage of the removal of the fence

As soon as we step on the ground in Gibraltar, we find the first symbol after Brexit. For the moment, Gibraltar has already replaced the flag of the European Union with that of the Commonwealth, as can be seen once the gate that separates La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz) from Gibraltar has been crossed. … Read more

The great snowfall, seen from space in 11 spectacular photographs

Snow has been (and is being) one of the great protagonists of this week and the previous one. The storm Filomena has covered much of the Spanish territory with a thick blanket of snow and has left behind some snapshots worthy of memory. But what has this peculiar snowfall looked like from space? Thanks to the European Space Agency and the Copernicus Sentinel-3 we can know.

The satellite image that heads this article (and that we also reproduce just below this paragraph) shows us half of Spain covered by, according to ESA, “the thickest snowfall the country has experienced in five decades”. Madrid has been one of the most affected cities, although the data of Molina de Aragón and Teruel is striking, where temperatures of -25ºC have been recorded at night, the coldest in the last 20 years.

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Natural space education and education for sustainable development

What is this education for sustainable development? Education for afterhold development (BNE) already in elementary education – is that necessary and even possible? What are the global goals and how do they relate to the BNE? We can we achieve the Global Goals? And now also natural space education (NRP)? What does it all actually … Read more

To facilitate remote work, a new digital space dedicated to secondary schools in the Indre

“It’s a technological leap” greeted by the academic director of the national education services in the Indre. Since Monday January 4, all college students in the department benefit from a completely redesigned digital workspace. Intuitive, easy to access and above all with unmatched educational resources. Manuals in digital version, exercises, video lessons, documents : all … Read more

Financing: credit unions seek to gain space in the interior

Financing through credit cooperatives is a very widespread instrument in several countries, but in Argentina the sector was very limited at the end of the 20th century, when all credit unions closed and cooperative mini-banks disappeared (only one remained). In these two decades there were several attempts to retake this system (there was a project … Read more

The Future of the Aerospace, Defense and Space Market | In-Depth Analysis And Global Insights For 2021-2030

Global and Regional Perspective Impact of Covid-19 in the Aerospace, Defense and Space market: [Covid-19 es una situación imprevista y sin precedentes que ha puesto al mundo patas arriba. Y como toda disrupción importante, está superando los límites de la resiliencia de la industria. La industria de Aeroespacial, Defensa Y Espacio tendrá que prepararse para … Read more

More and more seniors – but also enough age-appropriate living space ?: The wrong stones

In Herne, the number of people older than 65 could grow to almost 40,000 by 2035. Compared to 2017, that would mean an increase of 15 percent.The industrial union building-agro-environment is critical of the consequences of demographic change. In their opinion, there will then be a lack of senior-friendly apartments in Herne if there is … Read more

Education – Berlin – Education Administration: Learning Space Berlin Works – Education

Berlin (dpa / bb) – The problems that angry users of the platform Lernraum Berlin criticized on Tuesday have been resolved, according to the Senate Department for Education. Much of the content for online lessons could not be found immediately because, unlike before, it was not displayed on the start page. The courses can be … Read more