Why is Venus rarely visited by spacecraft? Turns out this is the reason

brgfx/freepik Even though it is a neighbor to Earth, Venus cannot be visited by humans because its atmosphere contains carbon dioxide. Bobo.id – Venus is one of Earth’s closest neighbors in the Solar System, apart from Mars. However, Venus has never been visited by humans or spaceship without you. Whereas Mars is also the closest … Read more

SpaceX CSR-25 Cargo Launch Postponed Again, Why?

KOMPAS.com – Cargo mission launch SpaceX again delayed by two weeks, with the plan scheduled for July 11, 2022. The mission called CRS-25will send the SpaceX Dragon robot capsule to International Space Station on a Falcon 9 rocket. Originally, the CRS-2 was slated to launch on June 10th, but NASA and SpaceX postponed it until … Read more

The best spaceship could be a dwarf planet

Artist’s rendering of Sedna, one of the most important dwarf planets in the Oort cloud.Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech Sooner or later, noThis species will have to leave the Solar System. In the case of humanity, the deadline is in about 5,000 million years, when the Sun enters its red giant phase and devours all the planets.s internal … Read more

The Upcoming Spaceship Will Be The Size Of A Cell Phone Explores The Solar System

BOLMONG PORTAL – Scientists start to make spaceship as big as cell phone. Can’t imagine how spaceship the big one, resized cell phone. Scientists believe this can help humans explore solar system. Even spaceship berukuran cell phone can survive and travel long distances. Whereas the closest distance of Earth from the star system is 4.37 … Read more

Prior to Moon Launch, Artemis 1 Rocket Undergoes Test on June 19

FLORIDA – NASA plans to conduct a refueling test of a megarocket Space Launch System (SLS) Artemis 1 on June 19, 2022. The SLS rocket will debut on the Artemis 1 mission to send the unmanned Orion capsule on a circumnavigation of the moon. But before Artemis 1 can take off, the SLS and its … Read more

European scientists working on self-cleaning spaceship

During their journey, astronauts are confronted with a significant population of microorganisms that could potentially cause problems for the health of astronauts and even the structural integrity of spacecraft. To address those bottlenecks, scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA) are developing coatings that can kill microbes in spacecraft. According to the researchers, the technology … Read more

This is the secret of a rocket that can fly in space even though there is no oxygen

FLORIDA – How the rocket can stay gliding in outer space the airless one? It turns out, rocket can fly relying on combustion and Newton’s third law of motion. Rockets have an engine that is different from the type of engine that propels airplanes or other equipment on Earth. Like other engines, rockets operate on … Read more

Completed Mission to ISS, Boeing Starliner Capsule Scheduled to Land in New Mexico

FLORIDA – Spaceship Boeing Starliner to complete test flight to International Space Station (ISS) for NASA this week. The Starliner capsule is scheduled to return to Earth and land at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico on the evening of Wednesday May 25, 2022. The Starliner arrived at the International Space Station on Friday 20 … Read more

Will be Equal to SpaceX, Boeing’s Starliner Successfully docked to the ISS in Orbit

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Saturday morning Indonesian time, May 21, 2022, Boeing spacecraft, CST-100 Starliner, successfully docked on the International Space Station (ISS) for the first time. Boeing demonstrated the plane’s potential to next carry a crew of passengers. That would be the equivalent of SpaceX’s capability in the United States, and Boeing managed to achieve … Read more

Boeing Starliner spaceship open to astronauts

Boeing’s first Starliner capsule on the International Space Station has officially opened to astronauts living in the orbiting laboratory. commercial star player The spaceship, who came friday On an unmanned test flight to the station, it was opened by NASA astronaut Robert Haines at 12:04 am EDT (1604 GMT) to begin about five days of … Read more