Spalletti and Giuntoli together in the big?

Il Napoli on top of A league and from large numbers in Champions League is the mirror of the work of two very important figures in the club: Cristiano Giuntoli e Luciano Spalletti (with their respective staff). The Neapolitan sporting director had the courage to go and find and bring semi-unknown footballers to Naples, amidst … Read more

Spalletti and the legend that his teams slow down in the second round (Corsport)

In 2017 in Rome he scored 46 points, 5 more than the first leg. Inter dropped but reached the Champions goal. Now he has more points than Sarri, Bigon and Bianchi Ci Napoli 08/11/2022 – Serie A football championship / Napoli-Empoli / photo Carmelo Imbesi / Image Sport in the photo: exultation goal Hirving Lozano … Read more

VIDEO Kvaratskhelia: “Impossible comparison with Maradona, Spalletti great person”

The Georgian striker spoke to the official Serie A channels Khvicha Kvaratskheliastriker of the Napoligave an interview to the official channels of the A league focusing on the season with the Azzurri, the relationship with Luciano Spalletti and the comparison with Maradona. Kvaratskhelia on the season with Napoli — “I don’t know if it’s the … Read more

“So much Spalletti gets wrapped up” and “ADL won’t want to pay Scudetto prizes”

From the contestation to the exaltation. Corriere dello Sport analyzes the sensational evolution of Napoli in these first months of the season © photo at From the contestation to the exaltation. The Corriere dello Sport analyzes the sensational evolution of Napoli in these first months of the season: “Dand Laurentiis was targeted with … Read more

«Naples first. In the summer De Laurentiis targeted and Spalletti forced to silence a fan “

Zazzaroni on Corsport: “Even today there is a lot of nonsense:” sooner or later Spalletti gets wrapped up “,” Adl doesn’t want to pay the championship prizes “” Naples first. But this summer “De Laurentiis targeted and Spalletti forced to silence a fan”. Napoli first in the standings now and severely contested this summer. Ivan … Read more

Panucci: “Spalletti? I will always be grateful to him. He knows how to improve his players “

The statements of the former Milan and Roma player Christian Panucci, former defender, made some statements about Luciano Spalletti live at Kiss Kiss Napoli. The two know each other very well since they have worked for many years together with Roma. Panucci on Spalletti — “Luciano Spalletti has a unique quality, different from all the … Read more

This is how Spalletti reacted to the first call from ADL

Summer brings a revolution that the technician not only accepts, but turns into his new masterpiece as a good corporate scientist. © photo at Luciano Spalletti great protagonist of Napoli’s stepitious start to the season. He writes today’s edition of the Gazzetta dello Sport: “he arrives in Naples in June 2021, after two … Read more

Naples-Bologna: Spalletti conference

Luciano press conference Spalletti post Naples-Bologna. At the end of the tenth day of Serie A Napoli-Bolognaspeak in conference Spalletti for Napoli in the Serie A calendar match FootballNaples24 the live conference by Spalletti. Naples Bologna: Spalletti conference Naples Bologna: Spalletti in Press conference. The coach of the Napoli intervened live after the match of … Read more

Champions, Sacchi: “Spalletti from the semifinal. Milan, you can give more. Juve, wrong choices”

“Napoli is beautiful: they attack and defend in 11. Milan, you can give more, the bianconeri have limited themselves to buying champions. It is not enough. Inter, self-esteem could be the extra weapon “ Three Italians in the round of 16 of the Champions League: it is not a dream, but a possibility. Arrigo Sacchi … Read more

Spalletti feels privileged to be coach of Napoli after new victory over Ajax | Football

Luciano Spalletti feels like a happy man as a coach of Napoli. The 63-year-old Italian saw his team again very convincingly deal with Ajax (4-2) on Wednesday. A week ago it was already 1-6 in Amsterdam. There is no match this season on Napoli, who have won all group matches so far and are also … Read more