Iran threatens: any US military attack will spark a war

The Iranian permanent mission to the United Nations confirmed today, Tuesday, that any US military action against Iran will lead to a large-scale conflict with consequences for the entire Middle East region. The mission told Newsweek: “From Iran’s point of view, Washington’s taking the military option at any level means the United States entering the … Read more

Tecno Spark Go 2023 Launches, 5,000 mAh battery – Producer cellphone Tecno Mobile officially introduces the newest family of the Tecno Spark Go Series, namely Tecno Spark Go 2023. This device already on display on the Indian version of the Tecno Mobile website. As the name implies, this cellphone is the successor to the Tecno Spark Go 2022 which was released around … Read more

The best of my heart EP.2 : “Put-Patricia” let’s be your girlfriend Spark love quickly!

The best of heart EP.2 The drama aired only the first week without talking too much. Move the story quickly, chop as it is a Friday, Saturday, Sunday drama, the kind that is fun and doesn’t really wait for anyone. For “best of heart” by the company “Six Four Eaw” by the organizer “Hong Thannithi … Read more

Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope sold below expectations and surprised Ubisoft

Ubisoft confessed to being surprised by the performance of Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope, which sold much less than the company expected to sell, especially after all the praise it received. With the figure and name of the famous Super Mario from Nintendo, being a sequel to a highly praised game and also the … Read more

‘Taiwan’ organizes ‘Lantern Festival’ 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei

Taiwan is gearing up for the 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei. with the belief that the ‘lamp’ is the representative of glory Taiwan Lantern Festival (Taiwan Lantern Festival) is an ancient annual event in Taiwan that has been held continuously for a long time. Popularly held after Chinese New Year to pray for the … Read more

Invite ‘stargazing’ across the year ‘7 planets parade’ to welcome the new year with NARIT

The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (Nation Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand) or NARIT invites you to bid farewell to the new year by ‘stargazing’ across the year, led by the team ‘parade 7 planets’. Activity NARIT PUBLIC NIGHT COUNTDOWN 2023 Watch the planets parade Wednesday, Friday, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, Neptune through … Read more

No wonder they are sought after, this is what makes NGK spark plugs different from their rivals

Andhika Arthawjaya/Otomotifnet Various variants of NGK spark plugs for cars and motorbikes – The choice of spark plugs currently on the market is diverse, ranging from nickel, platinum to iridium types, from cheap to expensive. Some even use other precious metal materials, such as gold and silver. Indeed, in terms of its ability to … Read more

[Free for a limited time]Distributed every day on a daily basis! Today at the Epic Games store during the RPG “Costume Quest 2” holiday sale | Game * Spark

At the Epic Games store, RPG “Costume Quest 2]has started for a limited time until 1:00 am on December 19, Japan time. By completing the procedure to obtain it within the period, you can continue to play without restrictions. Currently, due to the holiday sale, the free distribution cycle is “every day” instead of every … Read more

‘We can’t keep millions of pigs here’: Zuhal Demir’s words linking refugees and pigs spark outcry in Flanders

In an interview with the magazine Knack, the Minister explains that the desire to build new reception centers for refugees puts the Region under tension, as it has very few free spaces. “Our available land and our rules are everywhere under pressure: whether it is for the reception of refugees, whether it is to cope … Read more

“The Game Awards” suspicious person turned out to have interfered with the event in the past | Game * Spark

「The Game Awards 2022Overseas media reports that the suspicious person who invaded during the Game of the Year award ceremony of “” has been revealed after that. The suspicious person who stood on stage with Mr. Hidetaka Miyazaki and others who were on stage at the time of winning the award at “ELDEN RING” and … Read more