Spain speaks with the AstraZeneca pharmacist to “ensure” treatment against the coronavirus

Spain and the AstraZeneca pharmaceutical laboratory hold talks to “ensure” that our country has the treatment against COVID-19 which is still under investigation. Ricardo R. Suárez, director of AstraZeneca Spain agreed today at the event ‘Solidarity vaccination ‘ with the president Pedro Sanchez“Today we can say that we are already in a very advanced phase … Read more

Sherif Mounir: Salah Jahin, if he lived, would love “wiggs”… and Hani Shaker speaks right

The artist, Sherif Mounir, was a guest on the “A Last Word” program for the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi, broadcast on the ON channel, and talked about Hani Shaker’s recent decisions, saying: “I love Wiggs because he is diligent and clever and makes a sweet picture, and he does not say the words of a monster, … Read more

Buckingham Palace has published a new photo of Queen Elizabeth II! He speaks in clear words – Stellar cases – Cocktail

The ninety-five-year-old queen is the oldest and longest reigning monarch in the world. Truth, CTK 18.11.2021 08:00 Photo: SITA/AP, Steve Parsons British Queen Elizabeth II. met with the British Chief of General Staff and Defense Adviser Nick Carter on Wednesday. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, who did not attend a traditional ceremony in honor of soldiers … Read more

Horeca speaks out about black money: “Just pay attention here…

File Black Money, episode 3 archive image. “It is still possible to go shopping in the Colruyt without an invoice for beer or chips.” The black money within the catering industry is decreasing, thanks to the white cash register, but that is not the end of it. This is also apparent from our conversations with … Read more

Handa Archil speaks for the first time about having sex with Karam Bursin

The Turkish actress repliedHanda ArchilOn the questions of journalists in a short chat on the road, in which she spoke for the first time about her sexual relationship with her beloved, the Turkish actor ​Karam Boursin​. In the details, during Handa’s exit from the company that runs her business, a large number of journalists were … Read more

Máxima from Holland speaks for the first time about her daughter Alexia, since the girl went to study in Wales

The kings of Holland were this week on an official visit to Norway. Despite the tight schedule, during this trip William e Maximum answered some questions from journalists, who were interested in knowing how the daughters of monarchs are doing. Amalia is about to turn 18, a date he celebrates on the 7th of December. … Read more

“When he gets angry, it’s always in Lingala”: Romelu Lukaku’s son is three years old and already speaks … four languages

It’s no secret Romelu Lukaku is very good with languages. The Chelsea striker speaks 7 (French, Dutch, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Lingala) and it seems he passed his gift on to his son. “My son is 3 years old… he mixes French, Dutch and English when he speaks sometimes but when he gets angry, … Read more

NASA Finally ‘Speaks Up’ About the Rising Sun from the West

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – An upload on social media recently claimed that the Sun was doing something out of the ordinary, rising from the West. Even the United States Space Agency (US) or NASA stepped in to explain. The post was available in Thai and English, which said this activity brought the Earth closer to … Read more

Frances Haugen speaks: “Governments know nothing of what happens inside Facebook. Only Europe can save America “

My name is Frances Haugen, I was hired at Facebook and I was happy to be there because I believed that company could bring out the best in us. Today I’m here because instead I believe that Facebook’s products “harm children, encourage divisions, weaken our democracies and much more.” The hearing of Frances Haugen, the … Read more