Rodrguez Purroy launches the single ‘Instantnea’ on digital platforms

Pamplona – The Navarrese musician and singer-songwriter Alberto Rodríguez Purroy (Pamplona, ​​1970) has just released – last Friday, October 23 – the single Snapshot, from his self-titled album, on the main digital platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, TikTok, Deezer or Amazon Music. Snapshot, self-released, with musical production by Fredi Peláez (Pottoko Studio, Beasain-Gipuzkoa) and by … Read more

Albaida launches a safe tourism campaign against the covid

Image of the tourist campaign “Albaida opens the door”. | LEVANTE-EMV Albaida opens the door to tourism aware of the current situation with the covid-19 pandemic, with safe spaces to discover the historical and natural heritage, traditions, gastronomies and other charms of the town. For this, the city council has launched the campaign named precisely … Read more

The real estate company launches the BE SAFE insurance to guarantee the coverage of the buyers

Thanks to the combination of innovation and harmony with the environment, real estate Metrovacesa lands in the seventh edition of the 2020 Valladolid Real Estate Fair (FIVA) with the Alto Ariza development. This project includes the construction of 73 homes with 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms in a 13-storey building with impressive ground floors … Read more

Indigenous Minga: Gustavo Petro launches a harsh criticism against President Duque – Congress – Politics

Gustavo Petro, leader of Human Colombia and main opponent of President Iván Duque, launched a harsh criticism against the National Government this Thursday morning for the management given to the indigenous minga and the growth in the country’s poverty rates. (You may be interested in: New government clash with mayor Claudia López for minga) “They … Read more

They arrest two people who robbed with a “spear” in the Plaza de Armas

With a spear-type stick, a man and a woman were able to intimidate and attack their victims in the Plaza de Armas in Santiago. Around 11 pm this Saturday, Carabineros from the 1st Police Station to these two people for the crime of robbery with violence. As the police were able to identify, the subjects … Read more

Chuck throws a spear over 82 meters and wins his ninth victory of the season

In the “Kladno hazi a kladnesko memorialy” competition, Kladno won with a result of 82.19 meters, winning the ninth season, but Madara Palameika took the fifth place in the women’s competition, reports the Latvian Athletics Union (LVS). Content will continue after the ad Advertising In the men’s competition, Chaksh started with a 78.75 meter long … Read more

Disgruntled Špotáková: They will write to me to look at the ID card and pull

Barbora Špotáková during the national championship in Pilsen. Vlastimil Vacek, Right The 29-year-old Ogrodníková won her second domestic title with a performance of 61.41 m, but she did not celebrate in any way. “I thought I would be happier after the title and it would make me happier,” she said. She was worried mainly at … Read more

For music, victory in “Talsi spears” in the competition of the best spear throwers in Latvia; for men, success for Lithuanian Matusevich

On Saturday, in excellent weather conditions in Talsi, the Talsi municipality municipal prize competition for spear throwing “Talsu spear 2020” took place. This year, too, this competition was international, as guests from Lithuania and the Netherlands also took part. The first start for women this summer was for Latvian record holder Madara Palameika, as well … Read more

Report on terrorism today: America alert due to the presence of the Eln in Venezuela – USA and Canada – International

The colombian guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (Eln) it has expanded so much in Colombia as in Venezuela, where you will benefit from the collaboration and permissiveness of the regime of Nicolás Maduro. That is one of the conclusions of the annual report on terrorism for the year 2019, just released by the State … Read more