For the first time in the history of Malayalam cinema, Tallumala’s spectacle show at Dubai Festival City

For the first time in the history of Malayalam cinema, Tallumala’s spectacle show at Dubai Festival City. Tovino, Kalyani, Shine Tom Chacko, director Khalid Rehman, producer Ashiq Usman and screenwriter Muhasin Perari were present at the show which was witnessed by a huge crowd. GCC has started booking for Thallumala, which will hit the theaters … Read more

Iceland, the spectacle of the Fagradalsfjall volcanic fissure: waves of incandescent lava

Tourists also flocked to it because the Fagradalsfjall volcanic fissure is about 32 kilometers from the Icelandic capital Reykjavik and is offering an impressive sight. For many of them it is “surprising” but also “a little scary”. Hundreds of people have gathered at a relatively close distance, for this fault that brings out the lava … Read more

“Poor spectacle”, “ridiculous decision on the penalty” and “the impressive Teuma”: the Scottish press is loose after the defeat of the Rangers against the Union

Glasgow Rangers supporters certainly did not expect this. Having arrived in Louvain in large numbers, Scottish fans returned crestfallen on Tuesday evening after the defeat of their club against Union in the first leg of the third preliminary round of the Champions League (2-0). Most did not recognize their team and the finding was the … Read more

Celestial spectacle: Saturn comes particularly close to Earth this month

Moon could disrupt Perseids Saturn is particularly close in August 8/1/2022 1:56 p.m August offers star enthusiasts a particularly good opportunity to marvel at Saturn. It comes relatively close to the earth. And, of course, the month of shooting stars also offers a pretty celestial spectacle – this year, however, with one restriction. At the … Read more

Shower of shooting stars: a striking spectacle to come

Meteors are remnants left behind from the passage of two comets, Marsden and Kracht, created following the break-up of another comet. The shooting stars are already visible for the most seasoned. However, the best chance of seeing them will be on the night of July 28-29 shortly before dawn. The new moon could also allow … Read more

Delta Aquarids promises an incomparable spectacle in the sky: How and when to see the meteor shower?

July has already begun and is loaded with astronomical phenomena that will be seen throughout the month. To deer supermoon that can be observed this Wednesday, July 13, adds a surprising meteor shower. It’s about the Delta Aquaridswhich according to the astronomer Universidad de Concepción (UDEC) and the Center of Excellence in Astrophysics and Related … Read more

An amazing spectacle of the generations of “Rzeszowiacy”. For the anniversary! [FOTO]

The three-hour spectacle was prepared for the 70th anniversary of the Rzeszowiacy family. The performance of generations was awarded with a standing ovation! For three days, the Song and Dance Ensemble “Rzeszowiacy” is celebrating its 70th anniversary. The highlight of the celebrations was Saturday’s “Concert of generations”. The stage featured a representative group with the … Read more

At night, over the roof of the house, he saw a shocking spectacle: he immortalized a strange radiant spiral in the vault of heaven.

A stunning spectacle in the night sky above his home was captured by Queenstown resident Clare Rehill and shared a shot on Twitter. Next to the captured frame, the woman also wrote her guess what it could be: “It has something to do with it SpaceX“. Taken in Queenstown NZ about 30 minute’s ago. Any … Read more

The night sky was illuminated by a spectacular spectacle: the remains of a spacecraft rocket exploded into the Earth’s atmosphere and burned

Videos capturing parts of a rocket burning in the atmosphere have flooded various social networks, the meteorological portal reports Mastral Project/The Weather in Torrevieja. The astronomer from Spain, Dr. Josep M. Trigo, who posted a message on Twitter. Impressive reentry of the #ChangZheng2F Chinese rocket recorded by many of our network stations crossing the Mediterranean … Read more

Astronomical spectacle once in 18 years: natural sequence of gold, wood, water, fire, earth and five stars | Five Elements | Stargazing

[The Epoch Times, June 9, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Li Yan comprehensive report) For the first time in 18 years, the five brightest planets in the sky will be closely arranged to form a so-called “planet parade”astronomical wonder. They use the sun as their starting point and form a perfect arc across the sky in … Read more