Kimpri’s remaining group is “reluctant”… Speculation about the new album MV

King & Prince drawing / Yu Saiga (C) Maijitsu The music video (MV) of the popular song of “King & Prince” was released on “Mezamashi TV” (Fuji TV series) broadcast on March 28. In response to the MV and comments from the members, speculation is rising from the viewers. Kinpuri will release a best-of album … Read more

[NY exchange opening]US interest rate hike speculation retreats, concerns about European finance emerge | FX News – Zai FX!

◆Zai FX! Readers’ recommended Forex companies “Top 3” released! [* In addition to the 4th to 10th overall rankings, click here for rankings by major comparison items such as “spread (transaction cost)”, “swap points”, and “recommended for beginners”! ] ⇒Zai FX! “Recommended FX company” popularity ranking selected by readers! [Overall 1st place] GMO Click Securities … Read more

Production costs down by 7.5% in January, consumers: “Now companies should lower prices”. In Portugal speculation in the sights

In Portugal, the Minister of Economic Development and the Inspector General of the Food and Economic Security Authority presented data from a study resulting from consumer price inspections. Profit margins for products such as certain types of vegetables, greens, fruits and meats hover around 50% In January 2023, communicate theStatei industrial producer prices recorded a … Read more

Upcoming Toyota news: New RAV4 and Camry… and sharper Supra!

The Japanese automaker Toyota could please petrolheads this year with a sharper version of the GR Supra model. The arrival of new generations of RAV4 and Camry models is expected next year. Our motoring colleagues at Australian website Drive have obtained inside information that suggests the next-generation Toyota RAV4 is in development and could be … Read more

CROATIA AFTER THE EURO: Inflation, Speculation and High Prices (VIDEO) – Economy – The World – Wake Up

First person narrative How has life changed in Croatia since they now pay in euros? It turns out that the call that we remember in our country from the difficult years of the transition – “For God’s sake, brothers, don’t buy” has become popular there as well. Information from the State Inspectorate dated January 25 … Read more

Putin’s nightmare. His main double is also supposed to be seriously ill

The nervousness of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is said to be suffering from an incurable disease, is reportedly growing at a rocket pace. His main double, who, according to long-term speculation, represents him at selected public appearances, is also said to have fallen seriously ill. The Kremlin thus loses the opportunity to mask that … Read more

Column: After ‘buying the yen for speculation’, is it a comeback to ‘selling the yen for actual demand’ = Mr. Daisuke Karakama | Reuters

Daisuke Karakama Mizuho Bank Chief Market Economist [Tokyo, 24th]- Looking at the yen position in the IMM currency futures trading, which is often the focus of speculative movements in the foreign exchange market, as of January 17, 2023, it is a net sell of $ 2.24 billion. there is This is the smallest net short … Read more

An avalanche of speculation around the Prime Minister of Finland. The media reveals

Currently, according to a poll published on Wednesday in Finlandsupport for Prime Minister Marin’s SDP is declining and the party is now in third place in terms of popularity. About 18.5 percent would vote for it. voters. Right-wing parties are at the top of the ranking. Almost 23 percent would vote for the liberal-conservative National … Read more

[U.S. market conditions]Stocks continue to rise, CPI slows down, interest rate hike speculation recedes-yen temporarily above 128 – Bloomberg

The US stock market continued to rise on the 12th. A further slowdown in the U.S. consumer price index (CPI) in December spurred speculation that the Fed could slow the pace of rate hikes to avoid a deep economic downturn. US Treasury yields fell. stock closing price Compared to the previous business day Rate of … Read more

[Central Decryption]HSBC Private Bank Lai See Feng online speculation to 700 yuan

HSBC Private Bank Lai See Feng online speculation up to 700 yuan The Year of the Rabbit will be ushered in less than half a month. Although the younger generation prefers to use e-wallets to send laisees, physical laisees are still the mainstream among the private sector. In recent years, banks have focused on attracting … Read more