After Merkel’s words, the Ukrainian ambassador was speechless

Speaking at the opening of Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s foundation in Berlin on Tuesday, the former chancellor urged politicians to take Russian President Vladimir Putin as a serious interlocutor and not take his words lightly or dismiss them as a bluff. This was her response to the Russian president’s repeated threat to the West with a … Read more

Why does the Telepass ring three times? The answer leaves you speechless

Il Telepass it’s a toll collection system motorway which was introduced for the first time in Italy in 1989. It is to all intents and purposes a system that is able to facilitate all those people who work off-site; or which in any case are constantly found on Italian motorways, such as truck drivers, couriers … Read more

How much can a gram of gold be worth today? The answer leaves you speechless

We live in an age where inflation is the order of the day, settling at around 2 percent every year. In this year, however. also due to the energy crisis caused by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, inflation has reached 6-7%, causing prices to soar at various levels. In this increasingly complex financial situation, how can we … Read more

“Such officers should be shot!” The Luhansk separatist commander “remains speechless” in front of the bravado of the militants

A video in which, judging by the content, separatist fighters from Luhansk can be seen, let’s talk with the commander of these forces with the rank of captain. “Officers, b*tj, they’re all marauders. They have stolen and robbed from the first day! What are you – the captain? And you mean you didn’t know anything … Read more

Cupra has a renting fee for Formentor that will leave you speechless

The renting It is a formula that has more and more followers in Spain. While it is true that the car never becomes yours, the fees include everything except fuel. You will only have to worry about having a full tank. The rest, insurance, taxes, maintenance, spare parts, management of claims and fines or roadside … Read more

Simón will be speechless due to serious denunciation of León and Polo on stage (PREVIEW)

Moonlight is a Peruvian telenovela made by From the Neighborhood Productions for America Televisionunder the production of Michelle Alexander. The story narrates the love between León (André Silva) and Alma (Vanessa Silva), but due to life circumstances the couple ends their relationship. In the second season, Bella (Mayella Lloclla) appears, a beautiful woman who will … Read more

Jan Kliment with tears in his eyes about Piotr Balicki. He was speechless with emotion

The death of Piotr Balicki it touched almost the entire Polish show business. A few hours earlier Marcin Prokop asked the viewers of Top of the Top Sopot Festival for support for Piotr, who for years worked on various entertainment programs as “warm upper”. – This is a man who, if he were healthy, would … Read more

León will be left speechless by an unexpected news from Polo (PREVIEW)

León (Andre Silva) will find out from Polo (Luis Jose Ocampo) that the company “Roaring Records” will suffer a terrible problem. The singer will face a bigger problem again, this due to Eus’s plan. Meanwhile, Manrique will talk to his partner to discover the De Souza’s secret. Moonlight is a Peruvian telenovela made by From … Read more