40% of cell phones may be being spied on: how to protect yourself

The company Check Point found a vulnerability in the MediaTek processors which enables spy on a device with a simple malicious app. A vulnerability is an open door in the security of the processor that allows, through a virus,access certain parts that should not be available. Apparently the fault is in the DSP, the person … Read more

They spied on iPhone owners. Apple is taking them to court

Through the lawsuit, the American company wants to ensure that the NSO Group will not be able to use any Apple technologies. This basically means that if the lawsuit were successful, the company’s employees would not be able to legally use any delicious apple logo devices or software. “The lawsuit is intended to send a … Read more

How to know if your cell phone is being spied on and what to do to avoid it

According to the antivirus company Kaspersky, spy applications that collect private information from users without their consent are known as spyware or stalkerware. It is a kind of specialized software that monitors all kinds of sensitive information from users’ cell phones to store it on a private server to which the cybercriminal has access. From … Read more

how to check if your iPhone is infected and spied

More than 50,000 people are on the mysterious list used by security researchers at Amnesty International Security Lab (AISL) to reveal the extent of the surveillance of NSO’s Pegasus software. Are you one of them? Is your phone infected with this spyware? AISL experts developed the tool « Mobile Verification Toolkit » (MVT). It allows you to … Read more

Cellular: How to know if your smartphone is being spied on and what to do

According to the company antivirus KasperskySpyware that collects private information from users without their consent are known as spyware or stalkerware. It is a class of specialized software that monitor all kinds of information sensitive of the user’s cell phone to store it on a private server to which the spy has access. From text … Read more

For many years, Pixel phones spied on criminals

Using Google’s Pixel phones, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, better known as the FBI, was able to accomplish a very clever mission that resulted in hundreds of arrests. And the FBI succeeded in establishing a real company that claims to sell highly secure and confidential Android phones. This company has targeted the people and organizations … Read more

Was Macron spied on by Morocco?

Tuesday the newspaper The world and the site France Info they told the latest development ofjournalistic investigation “Pegasus Project” related to the activities of the NSO, a controversial Israeli company that provides governments with systems to spy on the smartphone activities of terrorists and other criminals. According to the media, a phone number that French … Read more

Pegasus Project, also Macron in the list of possible spied on. Among the objectives 14 heads of state and government. France opens an investigation

The French president Emmanuel Macron, the former Belgian Prime Minister and current President of the European Council Charles Michel and the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. If until now the scandal arose around The Pegasus Project it only concerned journalists, now the alleged case international espionage it widens to the maximums … Read more

Spied journalists, Morocco and Hungary reject all accusations. Intrusion in over 50 thousand telephone numbers

Morocco and Hungary deny the charges of mass espionage to the detriment of journalists, activists, politicians e lawyers committed to the defense of human rights. The Hungarian Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto, claimed that the Budapest government “was not aware of any intelligence gathering” and that the civil intelligence agency responding to him “did not participate … Read more

Investigation, cell phones of reporters and activists spied by governments – World

Several ‘authoritarian’ governments have used Israeli software to spy on the cell phones of journalists, activists and managers around the world. This is what emerges from the leaks of an investigation conducted by the Washington Post and 16 other international newspapers. The software, sold by the Israeli NSO Group and called Pegasus, was created to … Read more