Assoc. Valentin Vacsev, political scientist, to “Trud”: Spies jump in our country like rabbits in a forest clearing

Putin’s problem is not in Ukraine, but in the Kremlin and around the Kremlin How to get out of the political crisis in our country? What’s next – a new government or new elections? What will be the consequences of the expulsion of 70 Russian diplomats? Has the war in Ukraine intensified and how will … Read more

China spies on citizens with half a billion cameras | Abroad

The New York Times concluded this after a year-long investigation in which journalists analyzed 100,000 Chinese government documents. These documents dealt with the procurement of equipment for the surveillance system. The documents show that the Chinese government is making extreme efforts to keep an eye on its citizens. Nationally and locally, administrators seem to strive … Read more

Risk of spies, Tesla banned in China if there is President Xi. What about Chinese cars in Europe?

The models of the Californian brand cannot come close to the areas where President Xi Jinping and the highest Chinese authorities are present. The fear is that they act as spies, being able to record and transmit images and sounds. A risk that could be represented by the many Chinese models coming to us too? … Read more

this malware now spies on your messages to collect your bank details

BRATA, one of the most dangerous Android malware in the world, is getting an update capable of doing even more damage. While it could already siphon off its victims’ bank accounts and delete all data from the target smartphone, it now spies on messages from customers of specific banks to retrieve their credentials. Credits: Pixabay … Read more

Reserved for 5 years, letter that Mexico sent to the US about Russian spies

The Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE) reserved for five years the diplomatic letter that it sent to the United States government, in which it requests information about the alleged presence of Russian spies in Mexico, assuring that its disclosure would affect the confidence of the bilateral relationship, as well as the international image of Mexico … Read more

How do foreign spies approach you? State Security details certain techniques

Members of State Security perform elicitation maneuvers from the earliest stages of their training. “Not for carrying out espionage activities abroad because the Security is a non-offensive internal intelligence service”, we specify. ” But the technique proves to be useful, for example, for the case officers in charge of contacts with sources. Place du Luxembourg, … Read more

“How spies recruit” – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Specchia 11 maggio 2022 Adolfo Urso, Melonian president of Copasir, the parliamentary control committee of the secret services, is a decent person. With impeccable understatement, today he has his gaze pointed towards the imaginary sextant of Russian propaganda which – even in Italy – is becoming part of the Kremlin’s war arsenal. If Ur … Read more

The president of Copasir: «In Italy there are many Russian spies. The recruitment? With fake news and propaganda “

The president of Copasir Adolfo Urso says that in Italy there are many spies of Vladimir Putin. And that recruitment takes place through “espionage, recruitment and propaganda”. But he does not speak of the Tsar’s “payroll” journalists, or rather of the suspected that the presence of journalists e opinion leaders who speak of Moscow’s reasons … Read more