Splashy Video of an 8-meter-long snake preying on humans, the body has been swallowed in half

BANGKAPOS.COM – Gory in a video showing an 8 meter long snake preying on humans to death in Southeast Sulawesi, Thursday (4/5/2023). This terrible incident occurred in Telutu Jaya Village, Tinanggea District, South Konawe Regency (Konsel), Southeast Sulawesi (Southeast Sulawesi). The video of the seconds of the giant python preying on humans was received by … Read more

Splashy, Circulating Photos Similar to Members of the Bojonegoro DPRD Mangku Sexy Girl Open BO

Wednesday, April 26 2023 – 06:14 WIB VIVA Trending – Still in the atmosphere of Eid, the residents of Bojonegoro, East Java were shocked by the circulation of a photo on social media TikTok, which allegedly a member of the Bojonegoro DPRD was holding a sexy woman in a hotel room. Not only that, the … Read more

Splashy Tupperware Threatened with Bankruptcy, Here’s the Person Behind It

Zephaniah ApriliaCNBC Indonesia Market Monday, 17/04/2023 10:35 WIB Photo: Tupperware Factory (BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images/NICOLAS MAETERLINCK) Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Surprisingly, the mothers’ favorite container for Tupperware is on the verge of going bankrupt. This is because the shares of the company Tupperware Brands Corporations (NYSE: TUP) plunged almost 50% last week. The iconic … Read more

Splashy Israel Attacks Christians in the Jerusalem Church, Why?

International Tommy Patrio SorongCNBC Indonesia News Monday, 17/04/2023 14:30 WIB Foto: (Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Israeli troops again stormed the house of worship in Jerusalem. After previously attacking the Muslim holy site Al Aqsa, this time Tel Aviv forces stormed an Orthodox church. Collect Arab News, the attack took place … Read more

Splashy School of ‘Puang Nene’ Allegedly Deviant in Bone, 2 High-ranking Leaders Claim to be Prophets

Jakarta – Bone County Residents, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi) excited by the appearance of the Puang Nene trend suspected of being heretical. Leaders of the Puang Nene sect claim to be prophets and do not oblige their followers to pray. “The sects don’t pray, and there are two big bosses who claim to be prophets. … Read more

Splashy ‘If you want to ask, pay!’ at a Hong Kong Convenience Store

Jakarta – Looks like a shop employee Hong Kong it’s tired of answering tourist questions asking for directions. He even put up a sign ‘if you want to ask, pay…’. Hong Kong has opened its borders and welcomed back holidaymakers. Shops are starting to open and various means of transportation are again busy going back … Read more

Splashy Father and Daughter of Incest Until They Have Children, Now Forced to Separate

Jakarta – John Deaves rarely saw his daughter while he was growing up. But in 2000, Jenny, John’s 31-year-old daughter visited her father in Port Pirie, South Australia. Jenny was married at that time and had two children. Likewise with John who has remarried to Dorothy who is Jenny’s stepmother. The father and son relationship … Read more

Splashy Called Turkey Will Quit NATO, Why Erdogan?

Jakarta, CNCB Indonesia – Turki called to leave the NATO alliance. This is believed to be local politician Ethem Sancak referring to the latest poll of citizens of that country. He claimed the survey said 80% of Turks believe that the United States (US) is the country pursuing the republic’s most hostile and destructive policies. … Read more

Splashy Saudi Arabia’s Mecca Mountains Turn Green, Netizens Touch Doomsday

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Arab Saudi excited when the mountainous area Mecca reportedly green, a sight considered rare. Netizens were excited to mention the issue of the apocalypse. The Mecca City Government uploaded a video showing views in the mountainous area. In the video, the mountains look green overgrown with grass and weeds. In the distance, … Read more

Splashy Haram Mosque Washed By Snow Rain, Here’s the Fact

Tuesday, 3 January 2023 – 07:22 WIB VIVA World – A viral video shows snowfall for the first time descended on the sacred site Haram Mosque, Mecca, Arab Saudi. In the video circulating, social media users share videos showing rain snow in the Grand Mosque of Mecca. The 28-second video shows the congregation carrying out … Read more