Find out what the James Webb Space Telescope spotted on Mars

issued a telescope James Webb JWST spacecraft takes its first images of Mars, providing a more detailed look at the red planet’s atmosphere. The giant telescope, located nearly a million miles from Earth, is giving scientists and the public a glimpse of Mars’ visible disk, part of the planet’s sunlit side. The first web images … Read more

Tiger mosquitoes are increasingly spotted in our area: how worried should we be now?

There have already been local cases of people being infected here after a tiger mosquito bite, but a lot needs to be done before that can happen. This concerns travelers who are infected abroad, and who are stung by a tiger mosquito that spends the summer here on their return. That tiger mosquito in turn … Read more

NASA’s DART spacecraft spotted an asteroid that it will crash into at the end of the month

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft has transmitted the first photo of its target, the asteroid Dimorphos, which is adjacent to Didymos. DART is an experimental planetary defense spacecraft that will crash into an asteroid to change its trajectory. Thus, scientists will understand whether it is possible to knock asteroids potentially dangerous for the … Read more

Brad Pitt increasingly spotted with Emily Ratajkowski

End of hermitage The model divorces her husband because of his infidelities The actor is getting a new home, bought for 40 million dollars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorced in 2016, but the war between them continues until now. For six years now, the ex-spouses have been fighting court cases for custody of the … Read more

Mike Tyson spotted in a miserable condition on a wheelchair. According to his words, he is in his last campaign

He never stopped surprising with his boxing performances. Just two years ago, he showed all the fans that he does not belong to old iron. But that’s over today. Photographers took pictures from the airport in which Mike is seen in a wheelchair with a cane in hand. He informed his fans about his poor … Read more

Health Department warns about spotted fever · AeP

The Health Department is intensifying awareness actions related to spotted fever. The dry period, characteristic of the months from April to October, is more conducive to the spread of the disease that is transmitted after the bite of an infected tick. “Although the number of cases in Petrópolis is very small, only two were registered … Read more

‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Archives Spotted, PS Likely To Launch Its Own PC Launcher | 4Gamers

The well-known PS4 masterpiece “Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered” (Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered) has recently landed on the PC platform, including Steam and Epic Games Storebut recently, after players and media reviewed the game files, it was found that Sony had plans to launch its own launcher. In this “Marvel Spider-Man Remake” file, the word “PlayStation PC launcher” … Read more