Xiangbei Shuai fried, recycled the floor of the stadium to create the “Slam Dunk” theatrical version of the visual board to be exhibited in Tokyo | 4Gamers

The theatrical version of “Slam Dunk” “The First Slam Dunk” is expected to be released on December 3rd. Recently, in order to increase the popularity before the release, the official specially released a set of Xiangbei Five Tigers Vision Board made of recycled stadium floors. It is currently in the urban area of ​​Tokyo. display. … Read more

Funny! Captain Harry Maguire Makes the Manchester United Squad Wrong Line in the Stadium Hallway (+Video)

A mistake was made by Maguire’s Red Devils squad ahead of the match which ended in defeat to Brighton. Harry Maguire appeared to have put Manchester United on the wrong side as they marched onto the pitch before losing 2-1 to Brighton. The Red Devils had a bad afternoon in their Premier League opener on … Read more

PSM Makassar News, Thomas Doll Praises the Atmosphere of BJ Habibie Stadium After Persija Matches Juku Spell

TRIBUNKALTARA.COM – Here’s the news PSM Makassar latest, Thomas Doll Praise the atmosphere in Gelora BJ Habibie Stadium Parepare over Persija Jakarta managed to steal points at headquarters Juku Fish The team Thomas Doll from Persija Jakarta successfully steal points at headquarters PSM Makassarin the third week Liga 1 2022 Squad Persija Jakarta share one point with PSM … Read more

Things are boiling at United. Ronaldo left the stadium during the match, The Hag criticized him

For the thirty-seven-year-old Ronaldo, it was the first start for United in preparation. He previously missed tours of Thailand and Australia in an attempt to negotiate a move to one of the Champions League clubs that the Red Devils missed out on. Against Vallecano (1:1), the five-time Ballon d’Or winner played the first 45 minutes … Read more

Snakes spread in the club’s stadium, but .. there is no need to panic!!

It spreads among football fans the habit of using the snake symbol to describe some of the brilliant players, their goals in the opponent’s net are as deadly as the poison of that animal, and their presence is enough to spread terror in the ranks of the opponent and its fans. But for fans of … Read more

After the PSM vs Bali United match, Taufan Pawe evaluates the comfort of the BJ Habibie Stadium

TRIBUNPAEEPARE.COM, PAREPARE – After the game PSM Makassar vs Bali UnitedMayor Parepare Typhoon Pawe evaluate BJ Habibie Stadium (GBH), City ParepareSouth Sulawesi. The match that ended in victory for the juku spell is still being evaluated, especially in terms of the safety and comfort of the audience. “Yesterday, our work was the most optimal. However, our … Read more

Thousands of RC Lens supporters sing their anthem in the stadium: the result gives goosebumps (video)

RC Lens received the English club West Ham yesterday (Saturday) for a friendly match in preparation for the coming season. Before the start of the match, the Sangs et Or stadium was packed. The Lensois supporters, known for their fervor towards their club, all sang the Racing Club anthem: Les corons, by Pierre Bachelet. The … Read more

Bosowa Corp Founder Aksa Mahmud Wants to Make BJ Habibie Stadium Like Kuala Lumpur Stadium

TRIBUNPAREPARE.COM, BACUKIKI – Founder Bosowa CorpAksa Mahmud checked the BJ Habibie Stadium, Parepare the day before the match PSM Makassar vs Bali United, Thursday (28/7/2022). Aksa Mahmud arrived at 14.12 WITA. He was accompanied by the President Director PSMMunafri Arifuddin. This 77-year-old man wore a gray jacket with a black combination on the sleeves. On … Read more

A young man designs a stadium and a basket more than 10 meters long, taking advantage of the corn season.. Video

The high temperatures did not prevent a young man in southwest China from practicing his favorite sport, and he defied the hot weather, as he turned a concrete slab into a “basketball court” using corn pods for lines. With an opening at the bottom, placed at the top to serve as the rim and the … Read more