Erling Haaland… abundance of goals and record numbers

Less than 8 months after the start of his career with Manchester City, the young Norwegian striker Erling Haaland imposed himself among the most prominent stars of English football, this season, through the heavy goals and records he achieved with the team so far. The player is still 22 years old, but the level he … Read more

FIFA: FIFA 24 will become the new standard of the game “I believe it will be better than EA Sports FC”

The International Football Association (FIFA) held a general meeting yesterday, and the 52-year-old Enfentino was elected as the president of FIFA for the third time without any opposition. He said,A video game will be launched to compete with EA Sports FC and is believed to be superior to EA Sports’ games. FIFA parted ways with … Read more

Indonesia ensures U-20 pitches at par with FIFA’s standard

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Chair of the FIFA U-20 World Cup Local Organizing Committee (LOC), Erick Thohir, ensured that all pitches in the designated six stadiums will meet the requirements, including the pitch standard. Thohir stated here on Saturday that the provision of a pitch stitching machine recommended by FIFA will improve the quality of pitches … Read more

Standard Bank CEO cautiously backs use of central bank digital currencies

Standard Bank CEO Sim Tshabalala cautiously supported the use of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), while expressing concerns about cryptocurrencies generated by private entities. At the African Central Bank Conference held in Johannesburg, Tshabalala questioned the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies generated by private entities and warned against their potential use for money laundering. He also noted … Read more

Belkin throws Matter standard plinths into the bushes

Matter could be called a well-known, but not yet really accessible smart home standard. IKEA, Aqara, and a couple of other manufacturers have widely announced their work on Matter devices and equipping older devices with Matter. But it just looks like Matter will take and lose a well-known name from the supporters’ ranks. Belkin has … Read more

Tit for tact with Teklak: “Standard is right to complain about the refereeing”

1. Odo? We’ve seen reds for less than that. ”I understand that Standard complains about the refereeing. For me, the Odoi phase does not deserve an exclusion. But when Zinckernagel says we’ve only seen reds given to me, he’s right. Compared to the exclusion of the Dane in Eupen, there is a real lack of … Read more

Free TV threatens to be reborn with a new standard

ATSC 3.0 is much more software than hardware, and many of the products exist as software already loaded on a dedicated server, or software provided for installation on a user’s server platform, PC, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone. Some companies even offer their 3.0 products in cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) packages. atsc-3-0-nextgen.jpg Expectations for the return … Read more

We aim to increase production by about 3 billion standard cubic feet per day

Chief Executive Officer of ADNOC Gas, Ahmed Al-Abri L CNBC Arabic: We aim to increase production by approx 3 billion standard cubic feet per day 400 $1 million, the cost of developing the Habshan 5 and Bu Hasa projects The company is in the process of developing several future projects even 2027 We look forward … Read more

Standard & Poor’s: High oil prices will support the credit quality of energy companies in the Gulf

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" The agency said in its report:" Our assumptions remain for prices oil Relatively high, as we expect to reach the price of a barrel of oil Brent About $90 in 2023 and $80 in 2024. Therefore, we do not expect a significant negative impact on non-oil GDP and the performance … Read more