Starlink achieved an extraordinary milestone in terms of subscribers as a potential IPO approached

Starlink has hit a subscriber milestone, thanks in large part to record growth in its users over the last six months. SpaceX has been operating for profit since it was founded by Elon Musk. One of his main tools to help achieve this financial success is his satellite internet service, Starlink. Now, with the service … Read more

Leaked Pentagon data shows Russia testing new weapon against Musk’s Starlink

It is unclear from the documents how far the tests have progressed and whether Starlink operations may actually be disrupted. It used a mysterious technology called Tobol, or 14Ts227, which was previously thought to protect Russian satellites from attack. Russia’s goal – disconnect Bachmut from satellite internet According to the US newspaper, Tobol is a … Read more

SpaceX Launches 21 Second Generation Starlink Internet Satellites to Space

Latest News, International – The US private space company SpaceX again launched 21 second-generation Starlink internet satellites into orbit on Wednesday (19/4/23). According to Xinhua News, sA Falcon 9 rocket took off at 10:31 a.m. Eastern Time or 9:31 p.m. WIB from the 40 Space Launch Complex at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Base in … Read more

Russia is trying to block the Starlink system in Ukraine

According to The Washington Post journalists, Moscow has been experimenting with its Tobol electronic warfare systems for months to disrupt the transmissions of Starlink systems in Ukraine. The daily writes that the program “allegedly designed to protect the Kremlin’s satellites could be used to attack its opponents.” “WaPo” recalls that Starlink has proved crucial for … Read more

NASA reveals what caused the failure of an entire fleet of Starlink satellites And cites as a cause a solar storm which affected the Earth’s magnetosphere

On March 23, skywatchers marveled at a magnificent display of aurora borealis and australis. This spectacle reminded us that when the Sun activates, it can trigger a phenomenon called “space weather”. Auroras are among the most benign effects of this phenomenon. At the other end of the space weather spectrum are solar storms that can … Read more

Starlink adjusts prices in some countries and offers a new Roam service to connect from anywhere – ElonX

Today we will return to the news about the Internet network Starlink. This time we will focus on what is most important to each customer, that is, the prices at which SpaceX offers Internet connection. Recently, quite a lot of changes have accumulated in this area, so we will go through them together and comment … Read more

Research: Satellites are increasingly influencing astronomical observations | Starlink | Hubble Telescope

[New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, March 27, 2023]Human beings launch spacecraft into space to facilitate ground communication, but these spacecraft will also interfere with astronomical observations. The growing number of satellites in space is having a greater impact on astronomical observations, according to a study. The journal “Nature‧Astronomy” published a paper on March 2, … Read more

The first launched Starlink satellites of the second generation are facing problems, SpaceX is changing plans because of this – ElonX

At the end of February this year, SpaceX performed a very important mission when the Falcon 9 delivered the second generation Starlink satellite into orbit for the first time. It was a reduced version of the V2-mini, and a total of 21 satellites of this new type were launched during the first Starlink 6-1 mission. … Read more

SpaceX is falling some of its new Starlink satellites out of the sky

SpaceX is struggling with faulty satellites. Experts had observed that the new “Starlink V2 Mini” models behaved unusually shortly after they were launched. Now the company confirms that some of the satellites will be deliberately destroyed by re-entry. Let … The Starlink V2 Minis don’t want to stay in orbit With the Starlink V2 Minis, … Read more