LEGO Super Mario sets starring Luigi have been leaked

For Sebastian Quiroz 0 COMMENTS 18/04/2021 6:06 pm At the beginning of the week, the main piece of LEGO Super Mario received a software update, with which the red plumber started yelling “Luigi”. In this way, rumors about such a collectible figure in the form of the green brother began to emerge on the internet, … Read more

Yomil premieres its first video clip starring Daniela Reyes

| 18/04/2021 – 10:30am (GMT-4) Grouping Yomil and El Dany still premiere. This time, the reggaeton Yomil hidalgo he bet on his girlfriend Daniela reyes and their passionate love story, to bring to life the explosive and sensual video clip of Tell him. In true soap opera style, Yomil plays a horse caretaker who works … Read more

British actress McCrory has died, starring in Bond and Harry Potter

British actress Helen McCrory, who plays Narcissus in films about the magician Harry Potter, has died of cancer. She was 52 years old. The death was announced on Twitter by her husband Damian Lewis, who is also an actor. “I report with a broken heart that a beautiful and strong woman, Helen McCrory, died after … Read more

Game adaptation of the movie “Borderland” starts starring to share studio photos | Borderlands_Sina

“Borderland” movie version starts shooting Sina Entertainment’s game-adapted movie “Borderless Land” was launched, and one of the leading actors, Ariane Greenblatt, shared the set photos. The cast of the film has Cate Blanchett as “The Witch & Legendary Thief with Magic Skills” Lilith; Kevin Hart as the skilled ex-soldier and currently hired yong soldier Roland; … Read more

Black Widow: a hair-raising final trailer for the Marvel movie starring Scarlett Johansson

Marvel Studios has unveiled a final trailer for “Black Widow” which will be released on July 9 in the United States. In France, the film will await the reopening of theaters. Black Widow : Scarlett it be, SCarlett’s go ! There was a time when Scarlett Johansson only used his legs for walking. Whether in … Read more

Anna Tatangelo: new love starring Gomorra. The scoop at Every morning

Anna Tatangelo, new love starring Gomorrah. The scoop ad Every morning. Anna Tatangelo forget Gigi D’Alessio and move on. The beautiful singer has a new love story. It was talking about it Santi Pirrotta that, during the transmission Every morning, broadcast on Tv8, explained that the Tatangelo she would be living a love story with … Read more

Boeing Boeing Web series: Shaji and Pradeep led by Suresh: Arya, Veena and Fukru at Rajani Chandy’s house; Boeing Boeing first trailer! – bigg boss malayalam season 2 contestants starring new web series boeing boeing trailer

The web series of Bigg Boss Season 2 stars arrives. The trailer that was released before the series arrived has already garnered attention. The channel of the web series reached the audience through the YouTube channel BB Company. Mohanlal has released the trailer of the web series by congratulating the line-up. ALSO READ: ‘No one … Read more

Watch Angham’s gift to mothers .. clip “Donnie at my mother” starring her two sons, my lady

Just as the Lebanese star Nancy Ajram launched her Mother’s Day song with her mother, the Egyptian star Melodies Her new song “Doni At My Mother” celebrates Mother’s Day, and appeared with her two sons Omar Majdi Aref and Abdel Rahman Fahd. Angham with her two sons Omar and Abdel Rahman from Kulaib and Donnie … Read more