Tata Steel director guilty: we started cleaner production too late

Tata Steel started too late with the greening of the production process. That is what director Hans van den Berg of the steel factory says to NH News. According to Van den Berg, the criticism of the company has “definitely accelerated”. Van den Berg realizes that a lot needs to be done and a lot … Read more

5 Facts about Booster Vaccine Started and Free, Sri Mulyani Sends Money to Minister of Health : Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Provision of booster vaccines for the prevention of Covid-19 begins on Wednesday 12 January 2022. Based on the decision President Joko Widodo, the provision of this booster vaccine is free for all Indonesian people. Here are the facts that the booster vaccine starts and is free, which is summarized in Jakarta, Sunday (16/1/2022). … Read more

Exciting details about the “Dogecoin” currency.. It started with a “joke” and then turned into an investment in billions

The Dogekin cryptocurrency story seems like a joke, but it has become one of the crypto assets that investors take very seriously. This combination of a joking beginning and a serious ending adds more excitement and strangeness to the Dogecoin currency, which was supported mainly by a billionaire who some also consider strange and mixes … Read more

The Steam version of “Monster Hunter Rise” has started “very popular”. The number of simultaneously connected players does not exceed “Monster Hunter: World” –AUTOMATON

Capcom announced on January 13th, “Monster Hunter Rise』PC (Steam) version was delivered. Looking at how more than a day has passed since then, this work seems to be quite popular. “Monster Hunter Rise” is one of the popular hunting action games “Monster Hunter” series. In this work, the disaster “The Rampage” for the first time … Read more

The early access of the co-op shooter The Anacrusis has started

Developers Stray Bombay have released the trailer for The Anacrusis, a co-op first-person shooter set in a massive spaceship in distress on the edge of the known universe. At the time of publication of this material, the project has already been released in early access. Steam, as well as in Microsoft Store and Game Pass … Read more

Milieudefensie Ultimatum stands for more, because ‘Shell also started with a letter’

A letter from Milieudefensie to 29 large companies this morning, calling for a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions before 2030, and the threat of legal action. It is reminiscent of the climate victory on Shell by Milieudefensie in May last year. Will this action also lead to lawsuits or will it remain a threatening letter … Read more

An investigation into the case of Jarosław Jakimowicz has started. The TVP star replies: “Comedy! Embarrassment!”

Jarosław Jakimowicz he is without a doubt one of the most controversial “celebrities” in the world of show business today. The well-known scandalist further strained his already dubious reputation when he made his debut on the publishing market in 2019 with an autobiography full of hideous fragments. In his “work”, for example, he described a … Read more

Windows update causes server to restart infinitely, Hyper-V cannot be started, and desktop cannot be connected to VPN | iThome

Patch Tuesday released by Microsoft this week, one of the updates caused Windows Server machines to keep restarting, Hyper-V could not be started, and the file system ReFS could not be accessed. In addition, the VPN service of Windows 10 and 11 desktop computers cannot be connected. German blog Borncity reports , this month, the … Read more

Gerda, who became famous in “Factor X”, opened up: I weighed 36 kg while participating in the project, and I started treatment after losing my baby.

She shared her confession and painful experiences with her followers on Instagram. According to Gerda, although she has endured a lot, she is starting a new life today. G. Zaptoriūtė agreed to share the post with Delphi. “ANOREXIS. DAY 1. I got up in the morning and the first thought that popped up: today at … Read more

Sydney: Krejčíková started the season by winning over Cristian. Kvitova lost to Jaburova

Barbora Krejčíková after a lifetime, she managed her first singles match in the new year. Last year’s winner Roland Garros advanced to the quarterfinals in Sydney after winning 6-1 7-5 over Romania Jaqueline Cristianovou. The third seed Krejčíková had a free draw in the first round and played the duel with Cristianová (73rd in the … Read more