Russian oil on the pillory. Double sanctions that are supposed to hurt Russia have started to apply — ČT24 — Czech TV

overheat video Events: Oil sanctions “The extraction and export of oil makes up roughly 20 to 30 percent of the GDP of the Russian Federation (there are no reliable statistics; if you support Russia, you rather believe in a lower proportion of its dependence on the prices of raw materials, around 20 percent) and is … Read more

A large Czech store started selling food at the old prices. Eggs, sugar and butter significantly cheaper, completely fresh

Czechs are experiencing another wave of food price hikes, although for a while it seemed that the situation would calm down and improve. However, the opposite is true, and basic necessities in particular are literally flying up. Anyone who wants to buy eggs, butter or sugar today has to dig much deeper into their pockets … Read more

How five friends in Riedstadt want to get started with smoked salmon |

Heinrich Pahle has been producing smoked salmon of the highest quality for more than 40 years. Now he is retiring for reasons of age. Five young men from southern Hesse take over his business – and thus defy inflation and the energy crisis. Von Uwe Gerritz audio post Audio 02:30 Min. | 29.11.22 |Anna Vogel … Read more

Hjulsta’s first women’s basketball team is now being started – wants to give women with hijab the opportunity to compete

Before the new regulations were decided by FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, in 2017, women in headscarves were stopped from competing professionally after they turned 18. The justification was that it could injure the wearer, teammates or opponents, or that the garment could fall off. In connection with the lifting of the ban, several media … Read more

Kaunas started saving at the expense of the residents – they say that the townspeople started abusing it

Audrius from Kaunas, who has been driving an electric car for seven years LNK said that he does not regret the purchase. Because driving an electric car is cheaper than a regular car. He calculates that an electric car saves about 60 euros per month with paid electric charging. “If you count from the fuel, … Read more

He went to a mall in Qatar, a song by Floricienta started playing and his reaction went viral

Qatar became the lodging of thousands of soccer fans. The World Cup brought together people from different places, who, in addition to watching the matches, took the opportunity to learn more about their society and culture. That is why an Argentine did not hesitate to share in TikTok the big surprise he got in a … Read more

Samasta Islamic Center started membership campaign

Samasta Islamic Center Saudi component has started the membership campaign. Abdurrahman Jamalullaili Thangal inaugurated the Saudi head of the campaign. Officials informed that the campaign will continue from December 1 to January 31. Basheer Faizi and Engineer Basheer Haji spoke. Rasheed Darimi, Dr. Haseeb led the way.

“The most challenging part isn’t getting started. It’s going through the process and getting to the end”

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Red diploma of Moscow State University, art dealer and daughter of officials: Timati started dating a decent girl

Paulina is an art dealer and a well-known curator of exhibitions, according to rumors, it was she who helped Timati to select a collection of art objects from around the world. She has cooperation with many museums, as well as an antique salon, where she had a joint stand with Victoria Shelyagova. Unlike other companions … Read more