The developer of Pizza Tower urged not to buy his game on Steam due to inadequate regional prices. The game has 99% on Steam

Pizza Tower got off to a good start on Steam and received rave reviews, but soon the developer urged not to rush to buy a new game On January 26, Pizza Tower was released on Steam. The platformer Pizza Tower was liked by many, the game received 99% positive reviews from more than 1300 pieces. … Read more

A 100% positive platformer and a quirky RPG are being removed from Steam. Last chance to buy Mike Dies and Dark Scavenger

Games are periodically removed from Steam. The studio announced the closure, which threatens the availability of its games in the free sale on Steam Psydra Games has announced its closure. The studio has a couple of games on Steam that they plan to remove from sale on Steam in the near future. Platformer Mike Dies … Read more

Highly acclaimed prison simulation developer’s new self-made spaceship work “The Last Starship” released a trial version-Hong Kong Mobile Game Network

“The Last Starship” has launched a trial version on Steam, players can take the lead in experiencing how to make and manage spaceships. In addition, this work is scheduled to participate in the Steam New Product Festival, and it is scheduled to launch an early access version after the event. “The Last Starship” is a … Read more

Ferocious Viking warriors master the art of side-scrolling combat Birger’s Tale is coming to Steam – Hong Kong Mobile Game Network

In Birger’s Tale, you play as a fierce Viking warrior, defeating enemies, conquering new lands, and winning glory in battle. Master the art of side-scrolling combat, using a variety of weapons and special abilities to slash through hordes of enemies. Explore a beautifully rendered Viking world filled with mythical creatures, ancient ruins and epic boss … Read more

The Steam page of “The Day Before” was suddenly taken off the shelves and then postponed, the developer denied the scam | 4Gamers

MMO zombie masterpiece The Day Before was set to release on March 1, 2023, but that date has now been pushed back another eight months, as announced by the game’s sudden removal from the Steam store page. At the same time, it further caused the player community to suspect that the game may be a … Read more

Named the most anticipated PC game of February on Steam. She surpassed Atomic Heart

With help SteamDB managed to find out the most anticipated PC game of February on Steam. When compiling the top, the number of game subscribers was taken into account. Top headed Hogwarts Legacy is an upcoming RPG set in the Harry Potter universe. 305 thousand people signed up for the game. She was able to … Read more

“Look who crawled back”: Users ridiculed the release of Watch Dogs: Legion on Steam

© Legion, the latest installment in Ubisoft’s popular action-adventure series Watch Dogs, has been added to the Steam store 2 years after launch, originally released on October 29, 2020. You can get Watch Dogs Legion Deluxe Edition for 80% off on Steam, but do you need it? The game received mixed reviews from players and … Read more

Steam bans another video game because the girl ‘looks like a loli’ — Kudasai

the developer Incontinent Cell reported that his video game !Ω Factorial Omega: My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend will not make it to the catalog Steam because the content was classified as “child pornography”, because the anime designs appear to be minors within the history of the video game. The developer shared the message he received, which … Read more

Download a free game where you feed muffin corpses to pigs

<!—-> Thanks to the secret games, I was able to experience a lot of interesting things that would never happen in real life. I’m here wading knee-deep in corpses alien, til se in serpentinch s expensive sports prototypes or tried to match his own lesbian orientation. But I didn’t play for the owner of the … Read more