Dealing With Ancient Egyptian Mummies Put These People Under “Curses”

The “Curse of the Mummy” actually dates back to the mid-18th century, before the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. American fiction about theft of mummies and the idea that Egypt is a land of mystery full of the supernatural and magical, show that the “mummification curse” has been known for a long time. A number of … Read more

his mother and brother still hospitalized

An 18-year-old girl suffered CO poisoning on Saturday afternoon in Ganshoren. Resuscitated, she was hospitalized in critical condition, according to the Brussels firefighters. According to Radio 1, the young girl lost her life this Sunday at the hospital. The Brussels park confirmed the information to Belga. The victim’s mother and younger brother are still in … Read more

A man from Castellón, in the AIDS vaccine tests: “There is still a horrible stigma”

Albert Staromiejski learned about HIV at the age of 20, when he started coming to Valencia and go out at night. She is now 58 and luckily she has avoided it all her life. «I have lost many friends in this. At twenty I saw how many people were disappearing from my life. Until one … Read more

Ma’ruf’s Strong Play Makes the Atmosphere of the Trial of Premeditated Murder Brigadier J Full of Laughter

Session Bharada E, Bripka RR and Strong Maruf. © Tallo – The trial in the premeditated murder case against Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat alias Brigadier J is still ongoing at the District Court Jakarta South. On several occasions, the trial moments were tinged with a relaxed atmosphere and even laughter. The trigger was the behavior … Read more

HIV/AIDS cases in West Java: Bandung City is the Highest, Second City is Bogor

Reflection of Volunteers on World AIDS Day. ©2021 Zakharia – The city of Bandung is the area with the highest HIV/AIDS cases in West Java. Assistance for sufferers continues to be carried out in tandem with programs to suppress cases. It is suspected that the number that has not been reported is still … Read more

“The parking lot is always full, it’s weird that it’s closing”

Posted on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 at 11:39 a.m. Par Sudinfo When a store, known and appreciated by all, closes, it always comes as a little shock. This is the case in Kessel. It is an announcement that surprised and caused real emotion in Kessel, in the province of Antwerp, and its surroundings. As the … Read more

“Life is so unfair… With us, nothing trivial happens, everything always has a fatal outcome… We don’t know anymore…”

At the beginning of October, a terrible road accident had occurred in Rome, the Italian capital and had claimed the lives of two young Belgians, originally from Kortrijk. The two young women were coming to the aid of someone who had been the victim of another accident when they were hit by another vehicle, the … Read more

“Darling, you will be missed forever, let her live on in your thoughts for a long time to come”

At the end of August, Nathalie tragically lost her life while riding her bicycle in Ghent. Hit by a tanker truck that had missed a turn, the 44-year-old French and English teacher died on the spot as a result of her injuries. This Saturday, two months later, hundreds of people gathered at the scene of … Read more

More and more Flemish people treated for diabetes

More and more Flemish people are receiving treatment for diabetes. In 2010, 47 in 1,000 inhabitants of the Flemish Region received treatment, in 2020 this was already 60 in 1,000. This is evident from figures from Statistics Flanders. Door Editorial Online &nbsp- 15/10/2022 om 14:00 According to the Diabetes League, the increase is the result … Read more

heavy showers are expected before even heavier precipitation tomorrow

Published on Saturday, October 1, 2022 at 09:29 Par Sudinfo with Belga Saturday morning, the rains will leave the south-east of the country and the weather will become drier in all regions with sunny spells from the west. Nevertheless, over the hours, and especially in the afternoon, more showers will develop, especially in upper Belgium, … Read more