Researchers have unraveled the mystery of the Neolithic site of Stonehenge – Ouest-France evening edition

The Neolithic site of Stonehenge in the United Kingdom is far from having revealed all its secrets. But recent research shows that the British monument may well have been built from an even older site, in Waun Mawn, Wales … Waun Mawn. (Infographic: Ouest-France) And if part of the Stonehenge mystery had finally been solved … Read more

Stonehenge was probably built with stones from an even older megalithic monument | Technology

The stones of the English prehistoric monument of Stonehenge could come from another older archaeological site located in Gales, 200 km. away, according to a discovery announced Friday that would unravel part of the mystery surrounding these famous megaliths. The study, which will be published in the British archeology magazine Antiquity and will be the … Read more

The enigmatic Stonehenge was probably built from a Welsh site –

Stones from the prehistoric Stonehenge site in England may have come from another site in Wales, more than 200 kilometers away. This discovery would remove some of the mystery surrounding these famous megaliths, archaeologists believe. This new study, which is to be published in the British archeology journal Antiquity and which is the subject of … Read more

Scientists already know where the Stonehenge stones come from! The answer hung in his eyes

Stonehenge – A mysterious site, a mythical prehistoric building located in the heart of England. It has always attracted people’s attention. Now the ancient monument, which is not only an attraction for tourists but also a place of pilgrimage for followers of pagan cults, who come here during various rituals to gain life-giving energy, has … Read more

One of the mysteries of Stonehenge solved (photos – videos)

Using a sample stored in the United States, scientists have solved a lingering mystery about Stonehenge. They determined the place of origin of almost all of the megaliths that make up the famous monument in Wiltshire, England. Geochemical tests indicate that 50 of Stonehenge’s 52 pale gray sandstone megaliths, known as sarsens, share a common … Read more

Was this the mysterious origin of the stones at Stonehenge? – News

“It showed us that most rocks have a similar chemistry, which led us to identify that we are looking for the same main source,” said Nash. Then, the team examined two samples of one of the stones, obtained during a restoration made in 1958. The samples had disappeared, but reappeared in 2018 and 2019. With … Read more

The Stonehenge Mystery. Finally it is known where they came from

Stonehenge secrets solved. English scientists have published research that shows that the giant stones from Stonehenge came from an area more than 25 km away from the site of the mysterious monument. Researchers at Brighton University analyzed giant stones called sarsens. They were examined with X-rays, and then core samples of one of the stones … Read more

Lights emerge from the mysterious origin of the enormous rocks of Stonehenge | Technology

Stonehenge, a Neolithic wonder in southern England, has troubled historians and archaeologists for centuries for its mysteries. How was it builded? What was its purpose? Where do its towering rocks come from? The last question could finally be answered after the publication on Wednesday of an investigation that found that most of the giant stones … Read more