AstraZeneca vaccine, stop vaccinations for teachers and Ata: first the over 80s, but whoever took the first dose will do the second

After the latest indications from the EMA, an unexpected change of plans arrives for the AstraZeneca vaccines distributed in Italy: teachers and ATA staff of the school who have not yet received the first dose, even if already booked, will have to wait for the over 80s to be vaccinated first. In reality, this is … Read more

AstraZeneca vaccine: why the UK will stop offering it to those under 30

Drafting BBC World News April 8, 2021 Image source, PA Media Caption, The UK will offer another vaccine to those under 30 as the balance between risk and benefit is narrower than in other age groups. The UK will offer an alternative to the AstraZeneca vaccine to those under 30 years of age after consolidating … Read more

Northern Ireland. The riots do not stop. The last time such scenes were seen during “The Troubles” | News from the world

In Derry / Londonderry (the first name is used by the Republicans in favor of the unification of Ireland, the second by the loyalists who want to remain under Great Britain) a bus was burned, while in Belfast, Molotov cocktails were put into motion. Clashes took place in the area of ​​the so-called the wall … Read more

Stop under 60, reservations canceled for 3500 people – Health

The Figliuolo ordinance applies, vaccinations suspended for school staff, armed forces, civil protection. Revolutionized agenda and inconvenience Friuli Venezia Giulia applies the ordinance of Francesco Paolo Figliuolo which establishes the order of priority, namely: vaccinating people over 80 mainly with AstraZeneca, then extremely vulnerable people (including cohabiting family members and caregivers), to follow people aged … Read more

In Greenland win the Inuit «Stop the mining of rare earths» –

Greenland says no to the mining of its territory and its waters. The independent party Inuit Atagatigiit (IA), an environmentalist and leftist, surpassed the governing Social Democratic party Siumut with 36.6 percent (standing at 29.4%) in the early elections that took place yesterday on the Arctic island, inhabited by just 56 thousand people. Shortly after … Read more

Stop whining, criticizes Vettel after a bad start to the season

Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel on the track in Bahrain. Jebreili Kamran, ČTK “I think this whining should be over. Nobody cares,” former Ralf Schumacher told Vettel, who only stood once on the podium last year and experienced one of the worst seasons after finishing 13th, was also considering the end of his career. … Read more

UMCG is participating in national research to stop Alzheimer’s before it starts

Researchers from more than thirty institutions in the Netherlands started this week with the project ABOARD (A personalized medicine approach for Alzheimer’s disease). The UMCG and the Alzheimercentrum Groningen are also participating. The research should provide information about how to stop Alzheimer’s, even before the disease shows itself. Alzheimer’s develops over a period of twenty … Read more

Because of the “Vermont Girl” .. Calls to stop the series “Peacock” and a notification by L.

6:54 PM Wednesday 07 April 2021 Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajami: A great controversy arose on social networking sites with the trailer for the “Peacock” series, which some saw as dealing with the “Vermont” incident in one way or another. Campaigns to prevent the series from being shown on social media have spread on social … Read more