Sony responds to rumors about the production stop

Sony has responded to the rumors about the planned production stop of the PS4. Accordingly, it was not planned to stop production of the last-gen console last year. During the week a Bloomberg report cause a stir. Based on an unspecified insider source, the English-language publication reported that Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) intended to end … Read more

Russia must stop behaving like the Soviet Union / Article

Lately again increased tension at the Russian-Ukrainian border, where Russia has drawn up to 100,000 troops. Moscow also continues to make various claims against Ukraine and the West, such as demanding a veto so that Ukraine can never become a member of NATO. Western politicians have stressed that they do not intend to succumb to … Read more

Covid, the lesson of Israel (which records a record of cases): starting from children to stop infections

We have become accustomed, in this first year of the planetary vaccination campaign, to considering Israel as the first in the class. He secured the right vaccine (Pfizer), and did it in the most timely manner, without the supply problems that have put European Union countries in difficulty. He noticed before all the other countries … Read more

Africa Cup: post Covid heart injuries, Aubameyang, Lemina and Meyè stop in Gabon

This was announced by the Gabonese Federation just before the match against Ghana. The decision was made by the medical commission of the Caf Napoli 18/09/2013 – Champions League / Napoli-Borussia Dortmund / Photo Insidefoto / Image Sport in the photo: Lorenzo Insigne goal exultation at Borussia Dortmund, in the foreground Aubameyang The medical commission … Read more

Gabon, Aubameyang and Lemina stop for heart problems

After losing the captain’s armband and ending up on the sidelines of theArsenal, a Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – negativized to Covid but still out of the game of Africa Cup of Nations against the Ghana – heart problems have been reported. This was announced in a note by the Federation of Gabon, explaining that teammates Lemina … Read more

Djokovic, the new stop and the wait. Nadal: “Tired of this situation”

Tonight at 11.30 pm the appeal against the cancellation of the visa will be discussed in front of 3 judges, meanwhile Djokovic has returned to the Park hotel. And colleagues Tsitsipas and Muguruza: “Everyone knew the rules” Novak Djokovic is in custody, back at the Park Hotel, awaiting the hearing tomorrow at 9.30 (23.30 tonight … Read more

Tiken Jah Fakoly on ECOWAS sanctions: “France must stop giving orders to Africans” (Video)

The situation in Mali continues to cause enough ink to flow. After the exit of Emmanuel Macron to support ECOWAS for the sanctions imposed on Mali, voices are raised to first show solidarity with the Malian people and then condemn the direct interference of France in matters concerning the Africa. The latest release is that … Read more

Biden spikes in polls: negative record. And Joe tries to stop the filibuster

New York. Joe Biden returns to ride one of his warhorses, standing up as protector of the most important of constitutional rights to try to stop the bleeding of consensus in view of the Midterm elections in November. After the speech in Atlanta, Georgia, the American president went to Capitol Hill to try to persuade … Read more

Omicron changes the game: “We must review our strategy, and stop systematically testing 30-year-old adults who have a cold”

Yves Coppieters calls on our politicians to review the criteria for screening and monitoring the epidemic to adapt to the current variant. In front of the screening centers, we regularly see endless queues emerging. And it sometimes takes several hours of waiting in order to be able to be tested. This congestion of the testing … Read more

Dow Jones does not stop Latest soaring more than 200 points | RYT9

The Dow continues to rise today. Recently, it has soared more than 200 points, following the lower-than-expected Producer Price Index (PPI). including rising unemployment numbers in the US This will reduce pressure on the Federal Reserve (Fed) to accelerate interest rates. As of 11:59 p.m. Thai time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 36,495.15, up … Read more