We tell you how to renew the Well-being card; plastics from private banks will stop working

Now by presidential instruction, all older adults who receive the Welfare pension have to change your private bank card for Banco del Bienestar, in order to continue receiving their bimonthly support. The process of changing the bank card, which will begin on December 5 in Mexico City and the State of Mexico, will be gradual … Read more

Ministry of the Interior and Administration with the “anti-retirement” supplement. He wants to stop retirements

The deputy minister of interior and administration was asked by PAP about the effects of Monday’s meeting of the management of the Ministry of Interior and Administration with the heads of trade unions in the uniformed services. After the meeting, both parties announced in a joint statement that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki had decided to … Read more

With Di María, the National Team continues its set-up thinking of the Netherlands: which team did Scaloni stop?

Fideo, who was not available to the coach due to a problem that kept him out of the game against Australia, joined the group. Are you coming to the game on Friday? Suddenly, from behind one of the arches of the field where the Argentine national team trains here, at the University of Qatar, to … Read more

A new vaccine against dengue will try to stop the resurgence of the virus in Latin America

02-11-22 | Uruguay “We are going through a regrowth throughout the region, especially in Central America and the Caribbean,” epidemiologist Gonzalo Basile, coordinator of the Regional Group for International Health of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO), told Zona Violeta. ((See full note)) Print version / PDF

The police in the North City “powerful sweep” did not stop in the early morning and then went to the World Football “bikini style” hotel for inspection – Society – Zhongshi

The Daan Police Station of Beishi visited the Bikini Spice Hotel to show its determination to maintain law and order. Hot girls shuttled around the venue, and the police were too shy to look directly at them. (flip screen) The police in the North City “powerful sweep” did not stop in the early morning and … Read more

The well-known actress spoke about the struggle with alcohol: Change what you are stuck in. For me it was to stop drinking, admitted quite openly Drew Barrymore

The popular actress spoke about what she was going through in her life. Already in the past, Drew talked about the fact that current generations are too much chasing after the perfect image… Drew Barrymore and her battle with demons Childhood or teenage fame can seem like a dream come true. In fact, for many … Read more

Comment: Is it possible to stop Mbappé?

STAR DUEL: Teenage talent Jude Bellingham (left) from England and France’s phenomenon Kylian Mbappé meet in the World Cup quarter-finals. Photo: Reuters DOHA (VG) England look good, Kylian Mbappé looks best. Published: Yesterday 07:09 Updated yesterday 09:11 This is a comment. The comment expresses the writer’s position Now they will meet in the World Cup … Read more

Moeldoko’s Firm Statement After RI Lost Lawsuit on Nickel Export Stop

Jakarta – Indonesia lost the European Union and World Trade Organization (WTO) lawsuits against the suspension nickel export by Indonesia and have to channel the nickel abroad again. Presidential Chief of Staff General (Purn) Moeldoko said Indonesia still had to fight. “Yes, we have to fight. Our national interests must be fought to the fullest,” … Read more