Synology’s new DiskStation DS423+ is a compact storage solution with multiple functions- International

Synology launches the 4-bay DiskStation DS423+, the latest model in the series of full-featured storage solutions for home offices and small businesses. Equipped with the multifunctional Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system, DS423+ provides a comprehensive solution for managing and protecting business data, easy document collaboration, remote access to files, and can also be used … Read more

The Benefits of Moving to Online Enterprise Storage

In an increasingly digital world, many businesses are recognizing the importance of online storage to retain data, share files and improve productivity. Online storage offers a variety of business benefits such as increased performance, improved availability and constantly updated security solutions. What is online storage and how does it work? Online storage, also known as … Read more

After 20 years of storage, “boiled eggs turn into rubies”! She was frightened: she didn’t stink at all. The expert revealed the old appearance of her predecessor | International | CTWANT

A mainland woman shared a photo of a boiled egg that has been on display for 20 years, glowing like a ruby ​​under the light. (Picture / Extracted from Weibo) The egg shortage crisis broke out in many places around the world, and the price of eggs in Taiwan has soared to a record high. … Read more

Portable storage media for corporate customers and business customers

Despite the cloud and central company server, portable storage media are often still essential. With them, you always have your data quickly and securely at hand, regardless of the network, no matter where and on which device you need it. We give you a brief overview of the various external data carriers that are available … Read more

Chilean logistics and transportation startup prepares to enter Peru | Rock truck | Chile | startup | storage | transport | logistics | ECONOMY

The startup Chilean Rocktruck prepares its entry into the Peruvian market to offer its services logistics and integral transport under the concept of “collaborative economy”. This method, which includes Rocktruck’s own fleet, contemplates subcontracting truck-owning micro-entrepreneurs to “professionalize” the service they provide. Along these lines, the startup specializes in services focused on the first, last, … Read more

Lee Jeong-eun was locked in a cold storage for 30 years. Go Soo X Heo Joon-ho X Ahn So-hee Shocking Missing They Were There 2

Lee Jeong-eun has been locked in a cold storage for 30 years. In the tvN Monday/Tuesday drama ‘Missing: They Were There 2’, which aired on the night of the 30th, Wook (Go Soo), Pan-seok (Heo Jun-ho), and Jong-ah (Ahn So-hee) learned the truth about the death of Eun-sil (Lee Jeong-eun). Jong-ah, who was investigating Eun-sil’s … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series speeds up with UFS 4.0 storage and LPDDR5X RAM.

Another upgrade that many people may miss in the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is the story.machine memory The latest news is said to turn to use. LPDDR5X RAM and UFS 4.0 type storage capacity that accelerates the speed of writing and reading in smartphones up to 2 times faster, which will improve all aspects of … Read more