Two trains blocked between Leuven and Liège because of a stork: traffic restored

It appeared that a stork had caused a short circuit. The line reopened around 3:30 p.m. Two trains were blocked as a result of this incident. The first was a Thalys from Paris heading for Cologne with some 250 passengers on board. The train was able to leave shortly before 2:00 p.m. The other train, … Read more

Nature Today | Sidewalk plant of the week: soft stork beak

Soft Cranesbill (Geranium molle) reseeds itself every year. The flowers are no larger than a few millimeters, but the pink color makes them stand out. The incised petals are bright pink to purple, they change slightly to blue. The soft cranesbill is about as common as the small cranesbill, which will be featured as the … Read more

The strangest of the 160 weekend crashes: a stork knocked a motorcyclist into the trees

Due to the fault of drunk drivers – 8 percent. of all events. 46 cases (29%) of vehicle collisions with animals (one person affected). A total of 46 wildlife encounters were recorded in three days. According to preliminary data, people were injured in 29 traffic accidents. 30 people were injured (3 minors: 2 pedestrians, one … Read more

Today’s showcase: Slavia does not want a title, six years in prison for the Great Stork is not enough

Source: AC Sparta Prague The Czech top competition is culminating these weeks and we will soon find out the name of the new Fortuna League champion. Almost one hundred and ten years ago, a decision was made on the historically first champion of the Czech lands. How did this first year go? Who finally rejoiced … Read more

The people of Kėdainiai were amazed by the saved stork: they attached to their guardians and performed a symbolic gesture on the day of departure

In July It all happened in July this year. An accident happened in Vaidatoniai village, Surviliškis eldership, Kėdainiai district – a stork fell out of the nest and was injured. Then one family took pity on him and they began to take care of the bird. Aušra Bardauskaitė, a resident of Vaidatoniai, together with her … Read more