the strange Sunday of Gagliolo

Listen to the audio version of the article After joining Sampdoria in the past few days, Gagliolo could start on Sunday in Salernitana It will be a rather special Sunday for Riccardo Gagliolo. Since Stefano Colantuono has been sitting on the bench of the Salerno, the former Parma defender found little space. Thanks to Strandberg’s … Read more

Cynthia Khalifa raises controversy in strange situations .. What is the secret of excessive happiness? – In pictures

The Lebanese actress drewCynthia Khalifa​The attention of the pioneers of social networking sites, with a new block and bold images, which she crowned with a bright smile, which she shared with them on social media. Khalifa appeared in strange poses in the pictures, perhaps considered by some to be a kind of excitement. It also … Read more

A strange biographical film about Céline Dion will be released in Hungarian cinemas

It will be shown in Hungarian cinemas before the premiere, but it will be widely distributed on November 18 Aline – The voice of love is a French musical film, a free adaptation of Céline Dion’s career and life story. Through the character of a fictional person, Aline Dieu, the film depicts the stages in … Read more

Much strange has been said about women’s allegedly declining market value as they get older – Dagsavisen

5 Adele 30 Columbia Following Adele’s Laurie Blue Adkins’ personal drama over the years has been interesting. She has always made songs that are undoubtedly self-experienced, but also full of such general truths that she has piqued the curiosity of the whole world. Her new album will be pushed up on so many vinyl records … Read more

Lionel Messi interview with Sport: nostalgia for FC Barcelona and dart for Laporta | French League

Lionel Messi gave an extensive interview to the Sport newspaper, in which he confessed that he misses FC Barcelona, ​​the city, the life he built there, but that he knows he will return. “As I explained on my way out, I did my best to stay and never at any time was I asked to … Read more

A star’s strange behavior reveals a black hole

Saturday, November 13, 2021 at 11:55 am – Analysis of the star’s behavior has enabled astronomers to locate a “hidden” black hole, very close to our galaxy, in the Large Magellanic Cloud. For the first time, astronomers have discovered a stellar mass black hole hidden in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Its presence was revealed by … Read more

After the victory over Lebanon… Iran’s players reveal their strange problems

The players of the Iranian national team participating in the qualifiers for the World Cup 2022 criticized the Iranian Federation officials for not paying the rewards they promised, and revealed that they suffer from strange problems. The Iranian team was a guest of its Lebanese counterpart, last Thursday, in the fifth round of the decisive … Read more

Strange behavior of Vondráčková! First a breakup and now …

Reason begins to stand over some of the gestures of the singer Lucie Vondráčková (41). A few months ago, she declared full euphoria how happy she was alongside moderator Petr Vojnar (45), then indirectly announced the breakup, and now she is even afraid to show her face. Who Lucia Vondráčková watching on social networks knows … Read more

Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t like Doctor Strange, here’s why

Having been developed during phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Doctor Strange has since established itself as one of the Super hero the most powerful in the MCU. And yet, if he now appears as an emblematic figure of theMarvel universes, it turns out that initially, Benedict Cumberbatch was rather reluctant to take … Read more

Tom Holland spoils Doctor Strange and Peter Parker relationship

We know it, Tom Holland has no tongue in his pocket, and it is very rare that the latter manages not to spoil the works in which it is found. This phenomenon has become so recurrent over time that Tom Holland is nicknamed “Spoiler-Man” all over the world. Warning: The following contains spoilers regarding the … Read more