Russia’s most advanced T-90M tank falls into Ukrainian hands, its innards stripped down by Allied Intelligence

loading… Russia’s most advanced tank, the T-90M Proryv-3, fell into the hands of Ukraine after being abandoned by its crew in the Kharkiv Oblast region. Photo/Military Watch Magazine/Bulgarian Military KIEV – State of the art tanks Russia , T-90M Proryv-3, fell into Ukrainian hands after being abandoned by its crew in the Kharkiv Oblast region. … Read more

NHL: Blake Wheeler stripped of Jets captaincy

Friday, Sep 16, 2022. 11:12 AM Winnipeg Jets management announced Friday that it has made the decision that Blake Wheeler will no longer be team captain effective immediately. — Winnipeg Jets PR (@WpgJetsPR) September 16, 2022 The Jets forward has spent the past 12 seasons with the Manitoba roster and has held that role … Read more

Prince Andrew, military pilot stripped of title expelled by the British Empire

Tuesday, September 13, 2022 – 13:17 WIB VIVA World – After Prince Andrew received ridicule from one of Queen Elizabeth II’s mourners in Edinburgh, the name Prince English it’s not far from a scandal. The shocking cases of sexual harassment and sex trafficking that had shaken up Government Britain dragged Prince Andrew, the son of … Read more

A chilling incident that shook Iraqi lands.. A man stripped of humanity and assaulted a 6-year-old girl, and after her brother found her, an unexpected disaster occurred.! !

In a chilling incident. The oldest human monster to assault a girl in Iraq. Social media buzzed. angry reactions. Official information revealed. That little girl is 6 years old. She was going to a nearby shop with her 3-year-old brother. To buy chips when someone snatched them from the street near their house. In an … Read more

Jamal’s Story of Working on an “Online” Gambling Site at Penjaringan: Arrested, Tortured, and Stripped for Stealing Company Money Pages all

JAKARTA, – A man named Jamal (22) was held captive for three days in his office in the Kamal Muara area, Penjaringan, North Jakarta. While being held captive by the online gambling company, Jamal was beaten, hosed, burned with cigarettes, and stripped naked. confinement and torture This was done because Jamal was caught using … Read more

Chimay: an octogenarian victim of a rear-view mirror scam is stripped of 3000 euros

It is SudInfo which tells this story of an 87-year-old Chimacien returning from the store. He is unloading his groceries when a car registered in Spain, with two people on board, stops. The driver gets out and calls out to him, pointing out that he has hung up his mirror and scratched his car and, … Read more

They stripped her at the airport. They didn’t know she was a journalist – o2

This event happened on Thursday. Louise Milligan, a journalist for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, wrote on her social media that she had been humiliated at Sydney Airport. The woman was forced to take off her business jacket. There was only a short crop-top underneath it. She was asked to remove the coverlet because the “new … Read more

If you are arrogant, the license plate for the god car will be stripped of its legality

JAKARTA, – Car with special number plate or what is often called the god plate on the highway is a common thing. god number plate is a vehicle marked with a motorized vehicle number (TNKB) commonly used by state officials. Read also: Replica Morgan Three Wheeler Using Generator Engine Special number plate cars have … Read more

new prices and not only “stripped” versions – Autoreview

Two days after renewal produced by Grants, Lada dealers have a price list for fresh cars. The focus, of course, is on the new simplified version of the Classic. Now it opens up the gamut, because the old basic Standard equipment (without power steering, central locking, electric windows and even an on-board computer) has been … Read more

Hot cosplayer stripped almost naked and reincarnated as Malenia from Elden Ring – photo

The girl with the nickname Nikawuw continues to show sexy cosplays of popular game characters. Most recently, she reincarnated as Malenia from the role-playing action Elden Ringshowing himself in the photo almost naked. “Darlings, I have never worked on a cosplay like this before. I hope you all enjoyed it. I even changed my hair … Read more