“The Student Butchery” .. Why did a housewife kill her husband and her friend?

08:00 p.m Wednesday 07 December 2022 Books – Mahmoud Al-Shorbaji:The Talbiya area witnessed a tragic murder when a housewife decided to get rid of her husband, and after that she decided to kill her friend as well. In a new episode of “Blood in the Marital Nest”, which Masrawy deals with, based on the official … Read more

Female college student sells steamed buns after graduation, is not seen by relatives, and will buy a second room after 3 years | International | CTWANT

After graduation, a female college student in Shandong insisted on opening a steamed bun shop despite her family’s opposition. As a result, her relatives looked down on her, thinking, “How much money can I make selling steamed buns?” She made a success, and after 3 years, she not only bought a house and a car, … Read more

She harassed a 15-year-old student, was sentenced and was defiant: “I will not apologize”

A fact of sexual harassment shocks United Kingdom, whose case continues to be the center of attention of the community and each new information that is known causes even more astonishment in adults. This is information indicating that A high school mentor sent a teenage student over 3,000 “overtly sexual” text messagesaccording to the determinations … Read more

Died at the age of 73 years, a Japanese cannibal who ate Dutch students but was not imprisoned

Saturday, December 3 2022 – 00:20 WIB VIVA World – Issei Sagawa, warga Japan known as a “Kobe Cannibal”, for killing and eating one student Dutchbut was never imprisoned, now dies at the age of 73. Sagawa died of pneumonia on November 24. His funeral was attended only by relatives, without a public ceremony, his … Read more

Japanese man who killed and ate body parts of female student dies aged 73 without ever being convicted

Issei Sagawa, an infamous Japanese assassin, died on November 24 at the age of 73 from pneumonia. The murderer killed, sexually abused and ate body parts of a Dutch student, Renee Hartevelt, in 1981, but was never arrested. The case gained worldwide media attention. At the funeral ceremonies, family and friends were present, Sagawa’s younger … Read more

A shocking accident shakes Turkey.. A student was stabbed to death in the school toilet!

The state of Mersin, southern Turkey, was the scene of a tragic accident, as a seventh-grade student was stabbed to death inside her school. The crime was witnessed in the “Hussein Okan Merzji Intermediate School” in Mersin, where the 12-year-old student, Fatima Nessa Yurakli, was killed after being beaten and stabbed in the toilet on … Read more

8 Countries That Offer Free S1, S2, and S3 Tuition, You Must Know Page all

KOMPAS.com – Student or candidate student those who wish to continue their studies starting from undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral degrees abroad can consider 8 country who offers free college without having to register scholarship. These eight countries have long made it free tuition fee in his country. In fact, some of these countries are known … Read more

Two police officers have a threesome with a student and record it without her knowledge: they are sentenced to one year in prison

The Brussels Criminal Court sentenced two former police inspectors from the Zennevallei area (Hal/Beersel/Leeuw-Saint-Pierre) to 12 months in prison, half of which was suspended, for acts of voyeurism. These two people had sex with a student who had a job in their police station and filmed these antics. The footage was later viewed by several … Read more

Student or ISIC card? The different discount policy for purchasing tickets in Latvian theaters / Article

Iveta, a viewer of the program “4. studio”, writes to us: “I recently went to the Valmiera theater box office to buy tickets for the show for myself and my children – 12 and 16 years old. When I asked if there was a discount for students, the cashier answered: Yes, there is, but an … Read more