Head of the Muslim Student Union: Thank you, National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit

National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo. Photo: Ricardo / JPNN.com jpnn.com, JAKARTA – The Executive Board of the Indonesian Muslim Student Union (PB SEMMI) expressed his gratitude to Police chief Police General Listyo Sigit Prabowo. PB SEMMI appreciates the Chief of Police for providing social assistance (bansos) to regional students who cannot go home … Read more

Samuel, the worker student who died at 19. He worked with an on-call contract

Gubbio (Perugia), 9 May 2021 – Thirty thousand souls devoted to St. George, St. Ubaldo and St. Anthony the Abbot, Gubbio lists in mourning the drapes of the feast of the Ceri hanging from the balconies despite the race, due to a pandemic, will not be done. The city ​​mourning it is the natural response … Read more

9-year-old student grabbed and dragged by the teacher until it bleeds, the mother: I can’t forgive

SERAMBINEWS.COM – A 9 year old student experiences violence from his teacher. The persecution started because of talking in class, a nine year old boy had a sad fate. The elementary school boy suffered severe trauma and was bleeding profusely in his head. Quoting from TribunMedan.com, a 9-year-old child experienced severe bleeding in the head … Read more

America, when are we dogs? TSMC was also shot after a mainland student. | Blog Post

IBM claims to build the world’s first 2nm process chip, how strong is it? TSMC, which has always been the leader, may be overtaken by corners. However, the technical matter is small, and TSMC’s humiliation is serious. IBM’s 2nm chip technology is top-notch, which is equivalent to putting 50 billion transistors (transistors) into a nail-sized … Read more

Young student and artist stand up against Kremlin, but jail time threatens

“Two years of my life, stolen, for a social media post. Even before I have to serve my actual prison sentence. It’s hell.” With her hunger strike, she wants to draw attention to all political prisoners who await their prison sentence in Russia for years in house arrest. “My requirement is simple: I ask the … Read more

DaD, gestaccio to the teacher spread on social media, denounced a 10-year-old student

After the case of little girl invited to blindfold by the teacher during an interrogation, another not very “edifying” episode arrives in DaD. This time it was one young 10-year-old pupil to make fun of the teacher. It happened in Salerno and the story, as reported by the ‘Corriere del Mezzogiorno‘, dates back to last … Read more

A French student dies after crossing the finish line of the 15 km of Liège Métropole (Liège)

The young woman died at the CHR de la Citadelle after suffering a cardiac arrest. EdA Laëtitia J., a 23-year-old student, suffered a cardiac arrest at the finish of the 15km de Liège Métropole, this Sunday. She died at the Citadel Hospital. The organizers have announced it themselves: they are in shock after the tragedy … Read more

Attack on Sant’Anna in Pisa, the rector explains the readmission of the suspended student

On April 27, the Academic Senate of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa “unanimously confirmed that the behavior of one of its students towards a student constituted a very serious violation of the regulations for collegiate life and of the School’s Code of Ethics “, then deciding, following the precautionary decision of the administrative judges, … Read more

Messina, the complaint of a student: “Homophobic insults received from a university professor” | The rector: “We strongly condemn what happened”

02 May 2021 16:19 “Fr …… o perso”, “This is why militancy is talking about his sexual itches”, these are some of the phrases written on Facebook by the teacher “Following the sentences addressed to the boy, who does not attend the University of Messina, but is originally from the city of the Strait – … Read more