Former SEGA COO Toshihiro Nagoshi founds his own studio

Home page // Games // Former SEGA COO Toshihiro Nagoshi founds his own development studio Toshihiro Nagoshi, joined SEGA Enterprises Co., Ltd. in 1989. and was appointed COO of SEGA Group Corporation in 2011. In 2021 he retired from the board of SEGA Co., Ltd. went to NetEase and now founded his own development studio: … Read more

Portaltic.-Nagoshi Studio is born, the video game developer of the creator of the Yakuza series

MADRID, 24 Ene. (Portaltic/EP) – Toshihiro Nagoshi, former member of SEGA and creator of the Yakuza video game series, has presented Nagoshi Studio, his new project within the video game industry and in which he acts as president and representative director. Nagoshi Studio was born from a partnership with the company NetEase Gaems, it will … Read more

She was cut from the film, and her fans are suing the studio for $ 5 million

Trailers can be misleading about what the whole movie really is, but you’ve hardly tried to judge a movie studio because of unreasonable expectations. Well, two Americans did. The reason for the lawsuit is their dissatisfaction with the fact that actress Anna de Armas appeared in the trailer for the romantic film “Yesterday is for … Read more

A movie studio soon to be built in space?

The production company behind Tom Cruise’s space movie will finance a film studio project in space. Space Entertainment Enterprise (SEE) has announced that a studio will be built in space. This production company, which will co-produce the film which will see Tom Cruise become the first actor to shoot in space, intends to launch a … Read more

Xbox Studio Rare “very happy” with Banjo-Kazooie for Switch

It was a bittersweet moment yesterday when Banjo-Kazooie has arrived in the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Service. As fantastic as it sounds to see the British developer’s legendary duo return to a Nintendo platform after such a long time. It’s now almost 20 years since Rare was acquired by Microsoft, and almost 24 years … Read more

Platinum Studio plans to increase its own IP, shooting new work “Sol Cresta” at APGS Asia Pacific Game Summit | 4Gamers

APGS Asia Pacific Game Summit, today (21st), welcomes “Nier: Automata”, “Magic Soldier”, “Babylon Falls” platinum studio director Inaba Atsushi, chief game designer Kamiya Hideki, sharing new Work “Sol Cresta”. On January 20th and 21st, the 2022 Taipei International Game Show business district will be the first to start, and the APGS Asia Pacific Game Summit … Read more

Building the world’s first movie studio in space [우주로 간다]

CNBC and other foreign media reported on the 20th (local time) that ‘Space Entertainment Enterprise’, the production company of Tom Cruise’s space movie, will build a studio on the space station in cooperation with the space exploration company Axiom Space. Building a movie studio in space eliminates the need for computer graphics or special effects … Read more

Respawn’s studio is making a single-player FPS, but it’s not a new Titanfall

According to new reports, Respawn Entertainment studio is to work on a high-budget single-player FPS, which will emphasize the high mobility of our character. Interestingly, however, the production is not supposed to be part of the cycle Titanfalldespite the fact that such a description of the game fits the character of this brand. Information on … Read more

Due to the failure of Battlefield 2042, the fate of the shooter series and the entire development studio is very vague

© Clouds continue to gather around the Battlefield shooter series. Not so long ago, the last game in the series lost all its audience in a few months, now Battlefield 2042 is online fell below Battlefield 1. Now the insider informedthat the failure of the game greatly affected the future plans of the studio DICE … Read more

Kanye West, Pusha T and A$AP Rocky reunited in the studio

Kanye West is already back and very well supported. In any case, this is what he reveals through videos on social networks. The connection that makes you happy The rapper, who recently found a new girlfriend, spoke about the new release during a recorded phone call with DJ Premier on Tuesday, January 11, which has … Read more