“You’re a piece.” Perkaus stunned with her lures in a tight-fitting swimsuit

https://cz.sputniknews.com/20220114/vy-jste-kus-perkausova-ohromila-svymi-vnadami-v-prilehavych-plavkach–17197656.html “You’re a piece.” Perkaus stunned with her lures in a tight-fitting swimsuit “You’re a piece.” Perkaus stunned with her lures in a tight-fitting swimsuit Moderator Eva Perkausová is currently on holiday in exotic Mauritius. He does not forget to supply his fans with photos from the beach, which of course enjoys … 14.01.2022, Sputnik … Read more

NASA publishes photos of massive stellar explosions; Netizens are stunned

F. directionJanuary 12, 2022 17:45:41 A recent post published by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has left netizens stunned. On January 11, the space agency shared images of the supernova remnant (SNR), formed by the explosion of a massive star. Check out the viral photo here. The image shows swirls of different colors … Read more

The event that stunned even the doctors in Samsun! Clot due to coronavirus was thought to be, the real thing appeared on the operating table

The life of 28-year-old Raşit Batur, a father of a child who works as a lawyer’s clerk in Samsun, has completely changed after the Kovid infection he had last May. His complaints, which started with a simple shortness of breath, were thought to be the effect of Kovid at first, and he could not get … Read more

Perkaus stunned the revealed photo in an interesting pose. She used her fiancé as a “pad”

https://cz.sputniknews.com/20220109/perkausova-ohromila-odhalenou-fotkou-v-zajimave-poze-jako-podlozku-pouzila-snoubence-17143380.html Perkaus stunned the revealed photo in an interesting pose. She used her fiancé as a “pad” Perkaus stunned the revealed photo in an interesting pose. She used her fiancé as a “pad” Moderator Eva Perkausová decided that she had had enough of the gloomy cold weather and set out for a real exoticism – … Read more

Harsh statement from Bologna against the Lega: “Postponement unmotivated and penalizing. We are stunned”

“Bologna FC 1909, having acknowledged the incomprehensible decision of Lega Serie A to postpone the Cagliari-Bologna match to Tuesday 11 January, intends to express its total and firm aversion to an unmotivated, penalizing and vexatious choice”. With this official release, the Bologna takes a position on the decisions of the Serie A League on the … Read more

Surprising developments.. Actress Nancy Ajram and her husband, Fadi Al-Hashem, are stunned by the blood of the accident of the murder of their home, the young Syrian man, and this is what will happen?

2022/01/06 It’s 03:30 in the morning Island Bay | Follow Favorite Lebanese reports revealed that the husband of the Lebanese artist, Nancy Ajram, dentist Fadi Al-Hashem, will appear before the accusatory panel in Mount Lebanon, To investigate with him in the incident of the murder of their home, the Syrian Muhammad Al-Mousa, and the Lebanese … Read more

Scientists experimenting with hamsters and alcohol have been stunned: these animals “lift” incredible amounts of intoxicants

If you have a hamster, don’t experiment with your pet. The water is great for him and you just shouldn’t try to offer him alcohol for your own entertainment. But Tom Lawton, a medical scientist and researcher, revealed in a Twitter account that he learned from a conversation with microbiologist Christine Peters that hamsters really … Read more

You will not believe the reason .. What is the secret behind the artist Samir Ghanem wearing a wig throughout his artistic career? .. A shocking and unexpected surprise that stunned the audience.

Although the late artist Samir Ghanem in his beginning appeared bald, and the public knew him in this way, he decided to change his appearance after years. Samir Ghanem decided to always appear with a wig, whether in his work or personal life, and revealed the secret of this in one of his previous television … Read more

Surprise! Kate and Elizabeth stunned the world

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and her daughter-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, managed to surprise not only Britain but the whole world. All this happened precisely because of the Christmas holidays. Some time ago it became clear that Kate and her husband – British Prince William, are hosting a special Christmas concert “Together for … Read more

LUMC stunned about ministry decision to stop pediatric heart surgery

Marieta Kroft Wednesday 22 December 2021 at 11:00 Leiden The LUMC is stunned by the decision of outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge of VWS to stop pediatric heart surgery. ‘An incomprehensible decision’, says the Leiden hospital a statement. The LUMC has not yet resigned itself to the decision and is considering steps to be taken. … Read more