Unions reject 13% wage increase, NVZ stunned | Financial

After discussions late into the night, collective bargaining for the hospital sector has stalled. “We really couldn’t have imagined this. The fact that the unions are now dropping out is inconceivable and astonishing. With our proposal of 13% in two years, actions are disproportionate and unnecessary,” says Ad Melkert, chairman of the NVZ.. The organization … Read more

Wang Wenyang recalls who is “the person I love the most in this life”? Xu Shengmei was stunned when she heard the response | Entertainment | CTWANT

Senior media person Xu Shengmei. (Photo/Reposted from Facebook/Xu Shengmei) Wang Quanren, the eldest grandson of Wang Yongqing, the founder of Formosa Plastics Group, married Japanese actress Mai Sato in 2014. Unexpectedly, the marriage broke out three years later. Now the divorce lawsuit has been confirmed by the woman. Her father-in-law Wang Wenyang and Lu Anni … Read more

She couldn’t bear to be urged to get married during the Chinese New Year: Do you care if the life is not good? The relatives here are stunned | International | CTWANT

Many people will try their best to deal with life-related plans when they are greeted by relatives and friends. A woman in Zhejiang province in mainland China was having a family dinner during the Chinese New Year and was urged to get married by her relatives. She immediately fought with them. Some sharp remarks left … Read more

Godelieve (72) stunned when she suddenly comes face to face with a burglar: “Only the kitchen table was still between us” (Roeselare)

Godelieve and Milou received unwanted visitors. — © bfr Roeselare – The 72-year-old Godelieve Wyffels from the Hans Memlingstraat in Rumbeke was face to face with a burglar on Wednesday evening. The resident took off running and ran to neighbours. They informed the police. One of the two burglars was caught shortly afterwards. “Only the … Read more

“The best Grand Slam winner.” Stepanek stunned Australia with a kneeling replacement

He still has it in his hand. Former Czech tennis player Radek Štěpánek flashed an unprecedented exchange at the ongoing Australian Open. In the exhibition doubles, he worked his way to the winning ball on his knees. Štěpánek flew to Melbourne primarily as the coach of Grand Slam quarterfinalist Sebastian Korda. But he managed to … Read more

The honorary waved goodbye to the other 7 people, stunned! Members of parliament gathered power before taking the oath of allegiance.

7 more MPs flock to resign, while new MPs join forces to resign first He had not yet vowed to assume his duties. 26 Jan. 2023 – at the National Assembly, at the House of Representatives meeting with Mr. Supachai Phosu, the second vice-president of the council Presiding over the meeting Informed the meeting of … Read more

“I was stunned”: family member killed in an accident at the Turbaco tollbooth | THE UNIVERSAL

“She was very worried about her mother’s health. The day before they called her and told her that that morning she had to sign a document to be extubated and it was something dangerous. I imagine she was stunned by that.” In this way, an aunt of Lorenis Blanco Berrío explains the possible reason why … Read more

The Norwegian smear boss has reversed the controversial ban – the athletes are stunned – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

– I was one of those who mentioned that it could be smart to get started even if we would have big problems, says the head of lubrication for the biathletes, Tobias Dahl Fenre. The grease boss has thus changed his position since last summer. Then he went out on NRK and thought it would … Read more

The ancient tomb of Zhang Fei in the Three Kingdoms was exposed! Experts were stunned when they dug out an object: It is completely different from his image | Novelty | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Novelty Center / Roundup ▲The heroes in the Three Kingdoms stories have many anecdotes. (schematic / still photo) The ancient tombs of well-known historical figures often contain many stories and legends, and sometimes there are even objects that have nothing to do with his image, which amazes future generations. Among them, the ancient tomb of … Read more

NFL World Stunned By Buccaneers’ Return On Monday

TAMPA, FLORIDA – JANUARY 16: Alex Cappa #65 and Ryan Jensen #66 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in action against the Philadelphia Eagles in the first half of the NFC Wild Card Playoff game at Raymond James Stadium on January 16, 2022 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) Michael Reaves/Getty Images The Tampa … Read more