The txapela is no longer a thing of our grandparents: this is how these women from Biscay wear it with style

The beret is a classic that is back in fashion. Brigitte Bardot and Lauren Bacall made her an icon. Madonna and Rihanna claimed her in her most rogue version. And today the protagonists of the series ‘Emily in Paris’ and the film ‘Rebecca’, both from Netflix, have placed her back in the spotlight. The txapela … Read more

A ground floor converted into a modern London flat in Victorian style

Reforming a Victorian-style home in London between party walls poses a challenge to balance between past and present, especially when the project involves expanding the available space and has a tight budget. Taking advantage of the fact that in this case the original house –which despite being well distributed only had one bedroom– was located … Read more

Check out the trendy coats of the ‘royals’ to survive the winter with style

This 2021 began with a historical storm after which it arrived a wave of cold that drives us crazy when it comes to dressing, and it can be difficult to choose a very warm look without giving up the latest trends. If you are looking for inspiration in the face of these days of very … Read more

Seven creations that we owe to Coco Chanel

January 10, 2021 – 8:33 am Clock On the 50th anniversary of death Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, fashion pioneer and style icon, was a legend even during her lifetime. The creator of the Parisian fashion empire Chanel died 50 years ago, on January 10, 1971, at the age of 87. With these creations, she shaped the … Read more

Ryan Reynolds introduces his ‘the-Adam-Project’ co-star in true ‘Deadpool’ style

Welcome to the club! Actor and producer Ryan Reynolds keep working with Netflix to release new movies, just recently finished shooting ‘Red Notice’ and you are already in another project on the platform. We are talking about ‘The Adam Project’, tape in which the actor is, once again, the protagonist and which are currently in … Read more

The 37 hidden tricks and functions to brand your new iPhone in style

Releasing a new iPhone is quite a special occasion. And if today the Three Wise Men have given you one for having behaved well, pay attention. Whether you are new to the platform or you are a user who renews your terminal, even if you are from the old school, we have here a whole series of tricks and hidden features for your new iPhone. It never hurts to know all of them, so we recommend you take a look carefully.

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The top style trends of the pandemic year that may dominate 2021 –

Formal wear disappeared into the dark corners of closets while home wear became the latest fashion trend. By Reya Mehrotra The past year quickly passed from the confines of homes as we adjusted to life indoors. And with the pandemic, our fashion choices also changed rapidly. Formal wear disappeared into the dark corners of closets … Read more

Does Ninel Conde want to have another child? Actress responds to her faithful style on Instagram Mexico USA USA United States Celebs nndc | PEOPLE

Ninel Conde He is one of the Mexican celebrities with the greatest international acceptance and this is evidenced in his Instagram profile, where he has more than 4 million followers. Everything that the actress shares is widely commented and a recent publication was no exception. It is about a recent interaction that the Mexican actress … Read more