Filip Chajzer revealed the secret of the blonde hairstyle. Everything is already known

– Yes, I met his new fiancée. She is very cool, smart and mature. She is a very sensible, cool girl from outside the industry. It’s also nice when someone is outside the industry and has a distance to it. She’s not a fan of Filip, and that’s not the point at all, she’s just … Read more

The reality-themed drama “The Wind Blows Pinellia” restores the style of the 1990s and shapes the group image of the era to reproduce the entrepreneurial struggle-International Online

The reality-themed drama “The Wind Blows Pinellia” restores the style of the 1990s and shapes the group image of the era to reproduce the entrepreneurial struggle The reality-themed drama “The Wind Blows Pinellia” is currently being broadcast on the platform and satellite TV. This group portrait drama tells the story of small and medium-sized business … Read more

Chinese Xiaomi, Mac mini style mini PC release? Equipped with AMD Ryzen 7 APU

Source: Weibo China’s Xiaomi enters the mini PC market with a small form factor system. According to foreign media, Xiaomi plans to release two small form factor PCs powered by AMD hardware. One of them has a design similar to the Apple Mac mini. This mini PC features an AMD Ryzen 7 6800H APU. It … Read more

“It’s like a family” Mi-ra Jeon, proud of her special friendship with Hwang Hee-chan and Lee Kang-in noonas [인스타]

Former tennis player Jeon Mi-ra revealed her friendship with the national team members Hwang Hee-chan and Lee Kang-in.On the 3rd, Jeon Mi-ra posted on her Instagram, “I am so very proud of our country’s players. Throughout the first half of the run, I cheered and prayed with a spirit of running together!” On this day, … Read more

Beautiful volleyball player Hande Balad marked the night with her body-hugging dress! ‘I died of beauty’

Hande Baladin, the famous volleyball player who stood out with her achievements in the national team, fascinated her with her strapless dress, which is partly velvet and partly leather. His followers could not remain indifferent to Baladin’s ceremonial style. Baladin received laudatory comments such as “I died of beauty” and “Both beautiful and talented”. His … Read more

A 100-year-old brewery in Iran gets a new life.. What is it embracing now?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — In the center of the Iranian capital, Tehran, lies a 100-year-old abandoned brewery, which the architectural firm “Ahmadreza Schricker Architecture – North”, or “ASA North”, has breathed new life into. From the ruins of the original building, the Argo Museum has emerged as a cultural center for contemporary art. … Read more

SRF moderators in a style check. “This is how pensioners walk around”.

SRF moderators in the style check: “A lot looks very mainstream” In the past, SRF moderators intentionally or unintentionally caused a stir with their outfits. And today? Fashion and style expert Jeroen van Rooijen judges the outfits for blue News. 25.11.2022 Whether classic or modern: the SRF presenters have everything. Fashion and style expert Jeroen … Read more

its folding Galaxy Z Flip style would make a radical choice for the external screen

While all the smartphone brands interested in folding are pushing hard in the direction of the book format, Oppo seems well on the way to unveiling a clamshell format, the Oppo Find N2 Flip, with a very different design choice. 2023 should therefore be the year of folding. More and more signs show that Samsung’s … Read more