Harry Styles Korea Prep Playlist 5

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The official version 1.0 of the music rhythm game “Spin Rhythm XD” is online, opening new tracks, new styles and other content “Spin Rhythm XD”

The independent game development team Super Spin Digital’s music rhythm game “Spin Rhythm XD(Temporary translation, original name: Spin Rhythm XD) “1.0 official version is released, opening new tracks, new styles, “RemiXD” levels and many other game content. 《Spin Rhythm XDis a music rhythm game where players have to rotate, tap and tap to match colors … Read more

These 8 hair styles help rejuvenate and balance out square facial features

Is your face square-shaped? In this case you are really lucky! Square-faced women are very beautiful and photogenic even at 60+. However, finding the square face hairstyle for women over 60 may not always be easy: this type of face has the characteristic strong jawline which sometimes needs to be corrected with an appropriate haircut. … Read more

The jeans fashion of 2023 in pictures: 7 feminine and edgy styles that completely sweep away the trend of narrow legs

The jeans fashion of 2023 absolutely sweeps away the trend of narrow styles, the wide leg pieces are not only comfortable, but also extremely pretty. ad The denim fashion of 2023 is based on wide leg styles Already also last year we got a little taste of the fashion of wide-leg trousers, but this year … Read more

Olivia Wilde spends time with ex-partner Jason Sudeikis after split from Harry Styles

After a difficult breakup and a custody battle, Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis seem to have managed to resolve their differences and return at least friendly relations. Photos have appeared on the network in which former lovers communicate sweetly and hug each other tightly before dispersing. According to TMZcelebrities met with mutual acquaintances in Los … Read more

The length of the jacket doesn’t matter: quick tips for combining winter styles

A feminine appearance does not primarily depend on the selection of pieces according to the latest fashion, but on the harmony of styles, the combination of which can turn out to be good or bad. The length of the coat plays the biggest role in the harmony of the winter layers, because it is important … Read more

10 Celebrity Fashion Trends With Green, You Can Copy For Slicker Styles in 2023!

Singer with a melodious voice Lyodra is known as one of the celebrities who has a simple but still elegant fashion style. In this photo, he appears to be wearing a green knit shirt layered with a blazer. Copyright: credit: instagram/lyodraofficial/tmd

What bangs for short hair after 50? 5 styles to adopt, according to my personal hairdresser

The fringe is our favorite hairstyle subject! And we advise everyone to try it at least once in their life. But why ? Even if some models grow back quickly, the bangs seem to rejuvenate everyone. And to prove it to you, I’m sharing with you the first time I decided to take the plunge. … Read more