Albert Einstein’s theories are subjected to rigorous study

By taking a closer look at the structures of black holes and the ripples in space-time they produce, these investigations look for signs of small deviations from general relativity that hint at the presence of quantum gravity. Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity describes how the fabric of space and time, or spacetime, curves in … Read more

I had an abortion myself in the third month, and I was subjected to media injustice, and her ex-husband commented on the incident

Actress Menna Fadali revealed secrets from her personal life and the scenes of her artwork, while hosting the Sada Al-Malab program presented by the journalist Mustafa Al-Agha on the mbc channel screen, to talk about the success of the Jaafar Al-Omda series, which was shown during the month of Ramadan this year, which achieved high … Read more

Yousra Al-Masoudi announces her retirement from art: the artistic community is bad, and she was subjected to injustice and oppression

Tunisian artist Yousra Al-Masoudi announced, on social media, her final retirement from art, due to the injustice and oppression she was subjected to in the artistic community, as she put it. Where “Yusra” published, through her official account on the photo and video sharing site “Instagram”, pictures of her dressed as flight attendants, and attached … Read more

Dragon Storm.. meteorology reveals the fact that the country has been subjected to “the heaviest rains” since 2020

09:30 p.m Thursday, March 23, 2023 Books – Youssef Afifi: Dr. Manar Ghanem, a member of the Media Center of the General Authority of Meteorology, revealed the fact that the country was exposed to the “dragon storm” that occurred during March 2020, one of the most violent storms that Egypt has been exposed to since … Read more

After being subjected to severe criticism, the wife of the Egyptian artist, Hassan Shakoush, breaks her silence and reveals the reason for her prostration at her wedding

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The wife of the Egyptian artist, Hassan Shakoush, broke her silence and responded to the criticism she was subjected to because of her prostration during their wedding ceremony, which took place last Friday. Reem Tariq, the wife of the mahraganat singer, said in statements to the “ET in Arabic” program, that her prostration … Read more

Big fight in a pub – guests were subjected to severe abuse

With the data protection regulation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), we have updated our privacy policy so that it is clear what information we collect from you – and what we use it for. When you visit our websites and apps, we collect information from you to improve your user experience. It also includes which … Read more

Video – Flamingo is subjected to a campaign of ridicule, the hero of which is a juice bottle!

Brazilian club Flamengo was subjected to a campaign of ridicule on social media in its country, after missing the opportunity to win the “Copa Sudamericana” title. Despite its victory over its Ecuadorian guest, Independiente del Valle, with a goal in the return match at Maracana Stadium, the referee resorted to penalty kicks, given that the … Read more