Apple Music will probably receive a HiFi subscription

It has been thought for some time that Apple Music would come with a HiFi subscription. Now very concrete clues have surfaced. Last week the website came with the news that iPhone builder Apple would come with a new subscription for the same price as the standard subscription HiFiquality. The website got that news … Read more

The all-round carefree package: the new subscription trend is causing car prices to drop

Saturday, May 1st, 2021 The all-round carefree package New subscription trend is causing car prices to drop After the slump in car sales at the beginning of the year, manufacturers are again attracting customers with discounts. According to car expert Dudenhöffer, the area of ​​subscription offers as an alternative to buying or leasing is developing … Read more

[공시줍줍]Are you going to bury your SKIET competition?

First of all, let’s start with confession, in order to answer the questions that readers send to the announcement [피드백]I made a separate corner, but as time goes by, questions that I can’t answer are getting piled up. Some questions have been given as homework with tricky answers that require a considerable amount of time … Read more – News and news portal

On Sunday, Foreign Minister Gabriel Landsbergis will pay his first official visit to the countries of the South Caucasus. Mr Landsbergis, who will be visiting Armenia, Sakartvele and Azerbaijan next week, will meet with top officials and civil society representatives from those countries. 1 photo Gabriel Landbergis. Photo by Elta On Sunday, Foreign Minister Gabriel … Read more

Daegu, which eventually failed to reach the subscription due to successive sales… “There is no business in front of the supply bomb”

Input 2021.04.17 06:00 The Daegu real estate market is showing signs of an adjustment phase due to an unstoppable’supply bomb’. The subscription competition rate fell to less than a third compared to the previous year, and there were also complexes where a large amount of subscription shortages occurred. A perspective view of the’Safe Paragon Prestige’ … Read more

The ‘streamer’ who added 10 seconds to his transmission with each subscription breaks the record of followers on Twitch in 31 days

Published: 15 abr 2021 00:24 GMT Ludwig Ahgren began broadcasting on March 14, when he had just 1,730 subscribers, a number that as of this Wednesday amounted to 283,061. The American ‘streamer’ Ludwig Ahgren, broke the record for the number of subscribers on the Twitch platform, after reaching this Tuesday the 269.583 and broadcast live … Read more

Revealed the details of the new subscription for the PlayStation –

It turned out that this is not entirely true. By data Insider Shpeshal Ed, Sony is indeed preparing a new subscription. But it will be more like Apple One, i.e. include both film and television subscriptions from Sony Pictures Entertainment and games. At the same time, it is not entirely clear what kind of game … Read more

Sony Passes Back with Xbox Game Pass by Developing Game Subscription Service | Apple News | Apple Daily

Relying on the Xbox Game Pass game subscription service, Microsoft is undoubtedly the “Netflix of the game industry”, and its game library continues to expand, even digging into Sony’s exclusive “MLB The Show” new work, directly on the Xbox Game Pass on release This move even led Suo Fan to initiate a co-signature for Sony … Read more

Apple adds 30 games to its Arcade subscription service

Apple added 30 games in the service Arcade Apple this week (April 2), the biggest addition since launching last year. You might also be interested in: Sebastian Stan celebrates new episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier The published games have been added to one of three different categories in the store: Arcade originals, Great App … Read more

CarBox by Leasys, the subscription for car rental on demand arrives

Mobility is changing and, as a result, Leasys has decided to introduce a novelty in Italy for those who make a non-continuous use of a car. It is about CarBox, the first car on demand subscription. Let’s see the details. This subscription allows you to have a car at your disposal “ready to go“, to … Read more