A driver who has taken paracetamol overtakes more riskily

Two years after COVID-19, cardiologists around the world are seeing an epidemic of cardiovascular disease as a result of the disease. This was explained by cardiologist Dr. Sotir Marchev on BTV. According to him, in the USA, where data was recently announced at a medical forum, the death rate from cardiovascular diseases has been decreasing … Read more

Russia intended to attack Japan instead of Ukraine

Russia had planned to attack Japan in the summer of 2021, months before President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This was revealed by an email with a letter from an employee of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), Newsweek reported. The email, dated March 17, was sent by the agent with the pseudonym … Read more

A woman turned off a man’s oxygen machine in intensive care, the noise annoyed her

A 72-year-old woman almost killed her bed neighbor in the intensive care unit of a Mannheim hospital. The elderly woman is in custody because she turned off a 79-year-old man’s oxygen machine so he could sleep. The elderly man was dependent on the mechanical oxygen supply, the police in the city reported. However, between Tuesday … Read more

An 18-year-old boy stopped the car and jumped from the Asparukh bridge

A young boy died after jumping from the Asparuh Bridge in Varna, “24 Chasa” learned. The ominous news was confirmed by the press service of the police in the seaside town. This is the second suicide victim this week, after a 32-year-old man from Varna threw himself from the railing of the bridge on Monday. … Read more

Chinese medicine tips for better sleep

Lack of sleep can seriously affect mood, concentration and health. Traditional Chinese medicine offers some tips for better sleep, it reported Radio China. You can use them the next time you’re tossing and turning in bed trying to fall asleep. Why can’t we sleep? According to traditional Chinese medicine, insomnia and other sleep problems are … Read more

First evidence of disability after cured COVID-19 found

Scientists have found the first evidence of disabilities associated with COVID-19 that appear after healing, TASS reported, citing the press service of the Radiological Society of North America. According to the results, some lung damage does not occur during the coronavirus infection, but some time after its passage. Computed tomography of patients suffering from severe … Read more

The latest e-bike subscription in Vienna runs on pretty fat tires

Actually, they always worked behind the scenes and supplied delivery services such as Mjam, Lieferando or Flink with e-bikes. After a rebranding from GetHenry to Cycle.eco, however, they are also in the process of working on the booming B2C market for electric bicycles. The two Austrian founders started out with their own e-bike subscriptions in … Read more

The first TV subscription system, easy to have super high video quality: OVO QLED Quantum TV | T Kebang

Easy to enjoy, flexible application, OVO pioneered TV subscription service, allowing you to experience higher-quality audio-visual effects with a more favorable amount, and you can choose to continue to subscribe or switch to a new model when the period expires. Take the T65 QLED Quantum TV as an early date. You can have the bird … Read more

A 48-year-old man died in hospital, his female companion died after a head-on collision

A 48-year-old man from Svishtov died in the hospital, and doctors are fighting for the life of his 40-year-old companion after the serious accident that happened this evening on the road between the Tarnovo villages of Resen and Stefan Stambolovo. This was announced by the press center of the ODMVR – Veliko Tarnovo. A Mercedes … Read more