Good End Guide: Accessories, subscriptions, smart TVs and more for gaming

From Friday 18 to Monday 21 November, the Good End 2022 will arrive, the “cheapest weekend of the year”, this time we are going to target smart purchases for accessories, subscriptions and more for gaming. It’s no secret that the right accessories or televisions for the ultimate gaming experience don’t come cheap. The Good End … Read more

THE GREAT SCAM | They sold “cloned” subscriptions to see Sky, Dazn, Netflix. Clan in handcuffs. Kidnappings and suspects also in Perugia

A pool of 900 thousand customers – many loyal others instead occasional -, a turnover quantified in 10 million euros, a criminal structure divided into 5 cities in the South, with Catania as the main center and from where the investigations of the Guardia di Finanza started. A rich and growing business: spreading cloned and … Read more