Elon Musk attacks the foundations of Twitter to force subscriptions

April promises to be a turbulent month for Twitter: its owner and CEO Elon Musk has just announced two major changes in quick succession. The 1st of Aprilthe users ” verified » by the old management will lose the blue badge that distinguished them. In other words, the identity of celebrities, political figures or journalists … Read more

Free Blue Checks Removed Twitter Starting April 1st, Pay This Much for Subscriptions

Jakarta – Twitter will soon be deleting blue tick on an account that has been free so far. The blue tick indicates that the verified account will start paying from April 1, 2023. Blue tick accounts that are usually held by influential influencers, government officials, companies, and other famous celebrities will be deleted if they … Read more

This innovation will surprise many drivers – car subscriptions are already appearing in Lithuania

During the quarantine, internet trade has increased several times, cities overcrowded with cars and drowning in traffic jams, the constant lack of parking spaces and the growing need to consume less and take care of the environment more – for these and many other reasons, vehicle subscription has turned from an incredible idea into a … Read more

The Transparency Committee in Sidon Municipality announced the pricing of generator subscriptions for the month of February – Cedar News

Archive The Transparency Committee in the municipality of Sidon announced, in a statement, the pricing of generator subscriptions for the month of February, with “the commitment of the owners of electric generators to the unified tariff per kilowatt issued by the Ministry of Energy for the month of February, which is 27677 LBP per kilowatt-hour, … Read more

Twitch: Streamer Kai Cenat broke the historical record exceeding 300,000 subscriptions

Twitch continues with enormous growth and this is reflected in the record broken by the young American Kai Cenat. More info, here! The closing of the month February could not have a better ending for Kai Cenat. Throughout the second month of 2023the young man streamer born in NY made a Subathon in Twitch to … Read more

Paid subscriptions to Meta and Twitter: an inevitable trend

Paid subscriptions to Meta and Twitter: an inevitable trend The newly announced paid subscription service, Mita, that it intends to implement on its Facebook and Instagram platforms, was received coldly by experts and Internet users, as some of them commented sarcastically on it, and some of them accused it of imitating Twitter or launching this … Read more

faced with the massive termination of subscriptions, the platform announces these attractive discounts

In the midst of a campaign to stop massive account sharing, Netflix fears that a large part of its subscribers will leave its streaming service. And to keep its aficionados warm, the platform offers these tempting discounts. End of account sharing, loss of subscribers in sight, Netflix is ​​in trouble After many years of sharing … Read more