The electricity subsidy to southern Sweden is paid out in February

In order for the payment to be as quick and smooth as possible, The insurance fund concerned households to report their bank account to Swedbank’s account register by 13 February at the latest. Försäkringskassan has built a completely new payment system for the electricity subsidy: “We have managed to create this in an incredibly short … Read more

A resident of the Tyumen region received from the authorities a subsidy for utility bills – one kopeck

This message (material) was created and (or) distributed by a foreign media outlet acting as a foreign agent and (or) a Russian legal entity acting as a foreign agent. This material can be downloaded from PDF and send to those who do not know how to bypass blocking. Or just print. The authorities of the … Read more

Solidarity Income in January 2023? Check if you can still collect the Colombian subsidy | ANSWERS

The Solidarity income The beneficiaries selected by SISBÉN IV were paid through the Department of Social Prosperity, who in May 2022 announced a different way in the payment schedule, which established an increase in the subsidy, which would be paid bimonthly. However, this year, after the arrival of the new government led by Gustavo Petro, … Read more

After the subsidy was lifted… Baby formula is missing

Issa Yahya wrote in “Nidaa Al-Watan”: Smuggling was never limited to infant formula, according to what was confirmed by the caretaker Minister of Health, Dr. Firas Al-Abyad, as the illegal crossings in the northern Bekaa, along with those in the north, constituted a platform for all kinds of materials that the Lebanese people were deprived … Read more

Four responses on food subsidy

O food subsidy is a daily performance that is directly related to the effective performance of workclarifies the DECO Protestsadding that it is not part of the allowances, nor is it paid in the case of justified absences with loss of remuneration. “This installment not compulsorywhich may, in certain cases, be replaced by the supply … Read more

New electricity subsidy for the whole country after record high prices

On January 9, Energy Minister Ebba Busch announced a new electricity subsidy for households throughout the country. Electricity prices are high and in northern Sweden reached record levels during the end of 2022. The government therefore tasks Svenska kraftnät with developing an electricity subsidy based on the spot prices for November and December. Electricity prices … Read more

GRAB IT FAST! An electric motorbike similar to the Vespa Sprint, Smoot Zuzu is only this cheap if you get a subsidy of IDR 6.5 million

HALLOTERNATE.COM – Smoot Zuzu, Vespa-like electric motor Sprint, which recently caught the attention of the Indonesian automotive world. Interestingly, price Vespa-like electric motor Sprint Smoot Zuzu this is priced fairly cheap. Even price Vespa-like electric motor Smoot Zuzu three times more cheap from price Selling the Vespa Sprint, priced at Rp. 50 million in Indonesia. … Read more

Subsidy for parents 2023, what is the LINK and the requirements? | sisben | Social Prosperity | Families in Action | Colombia | Targeted Families | | Gustavo Petro

In the following note we let you know everything about the subsidy for parents 2023 that is delivered only in Colombia, the affiliation LINK and the requirements to access the benefit. CLICK HERE ► School Bonus 2023: How much will they pay, on what dates and who are the beneficiaries? What is the 2023 parent … Read more