The new iPhone update drains the battery

Bethlehem/PNN- The frequency of complaints has increased among iPhone users in the world as a result of the rapid depletion of their phones’ batteries, following the latest update of the operating system, which bears the name “iOS 16.5”, as many users claim that the new update drains the phone’s battery. A report published by the … Read more

Watch the series “The Kingfisher Bird,” episode 35, with subtitles (video)

Issues a name Kingfisher series Episode 35 Google search engine trend, especially with a large number of viewers anticipating the events of the series, after Sirin tried to plan to keep Tariq away from her, which affects Farid in the next episode. The events of episode 35 of the Kingfisher series Episode 35 of the … Read more

Black Clover manga chapter 361 with subtitles

Last updated Thursday 01 June 2023 Black Clover The release of Black Clover Chapter 361 has been delayed several times despite widespread anticipation. This chapter has manga readers all over the world on the edge of their seats with anticipation. Black Clover, the manga series famous for its exciting story and likable characters is currently … Read more

Watch now.. The Founder Othman series, episode 128, with full subtitles, HD

Episode 128 of the Othman series, translated into Arabic, is one of the most searched series on Google during those hours, with the approach of showing the weekly episode of the Othman series, episode 128, with full subtitles. This came because of the audience’s eagerness to know the consequences of the events after the conflict … Read more

Alp Arslan 57 series, with subtitles, dailymotion, Alp Arslan, episode 57, complete Arabic love story, dubbed daily motion, NOW, May Sima

Alp Arslan series 57 with subtitles dailymotion Alp Arslan series 57, subtitled dailymotion, leads online searches by followers of the Alp Arslan series, episode 57, a love story, translated and on EgyBest, where the new episode is shown on Monday of every week, the second part, which carries with it a lot of fun, excitement, … Read more

The series “The Resurrection of Othman”, translated, the love story of the founder, “Othman” series, episode 125, with subtitles

Available now, the Othman Resurrection series, episode 125, with subtitles, the love story of Al-Fajr TV, the Resurrection series, episode 125, subtitled Othman, translated by Yarmouk TV, the founder Othman series, the love story dubbed, episode 125 on Al-Fajr TV, the founder Othman series, episode 125 with subtitles. The Turkish ATV channel to show the … Read more

Yalı Çapkını 31 Now, the date of the Kingfisher Bird series, episode 31, with subtitles on EgyBest, My Sima, and all broadcasting channels

The Kingfisher Bird series, episode 31, about which the search began to increase significantly and noticeably, because it is one of the upcoming episodes that will be broadcast this evening, Friday, corresponding to AD, the fifth day of May 2023, in an episode that is expected to come on a hot tin frame, similar to … Read more

Kingfisher Bird series, episode 29, with Arabic subtitles, Yalı Çapkını 29

The Kingfisher Bird series, episode 23, with subtitles, a love story Kingfisher Bird series, episode 30, with Arabic subtitles, Yalı Çapkını 29, complete, with Arabic subtitles, Kingfisher Bird series, episode 30, with subtitles, a love story. Kingfisher Bird series 30 was very popular among the audience, who loved its unique and innovative story. The Kingfisher … Read more