BIN Successfully Holds Vaccination for 3 Thousand Students in Bantaeng

INDONESIAN EYE, JENEPONTO – The South Sulawesi Regional BIN or South Sulawesi BIN has again carried out mass vaccination activities for students and students. The activity was held at DDI Mattoangin, SMK 1 Bantaeng, SMP 1 Pa’jukukang, and Ponpes Al Furqon Ereng–Ereng on Thursday, September 16, 2021. This event is part of simultaneous vaccination activities … Read more

Successfully escaping from Kim Jong Un, this beautiful North Korean defector ended up tragically as soon as he arrived in China, sold until he was forced to become a prostitute

Sosok.ID – It is common knowledge that the public North Korea living in misery in the country led by Kim Jong Un. Not infrequently, many become traitor and choose to run away from North Korea. However, running away from North Korea is not always a good choice. As experienced by traitor North Korea this one. … Read more

Civilian-only SpaceX rocket successfully enters Earth orbit | Abroad

The launch was scheduled between 2:02 a.m. and 7:02 a.m. (Dutch time), because the rocket is not en route to the International Space Station, a precise departure time was not necessary. At 02:02 the conditions were good and the rocket took off, a fireball lit up the sky in Cape Canaveral. The craft is a … Read more

State Investment Capital, an investor of the Business Assistance Fund, successfully distributed LTL 30 million. an inaugural bond issue worth EUR

September 15 UAB Valstybės investicinis kapitalas (VIK) has been very successful in distributing 4 million LTL for 4 years. an inaugural issue of government-guaranteed bonds worth EUR. The international credit rating agency Fitch Ratings has a total of 400 million. gave the euro bond program an “A” rating. VIK will invest in stages in the … Read more

The Basque Lithuanians who played successfully did not spare the Tamulis Club / News

Vitoria Baskonia continued its preparations for the season with a crushing victory. Basques with the help of Rokas Giedraitis and Tadas Sedekerskis 101:56 (22:18, 31:12, 29:12, 19:14) did not spare Sibiu CSU with Justas Tamul in the lead. Sedekersky scored 7 points (2/2 doubles, 1/4 trit.), 7 rebounds and 3 interceptions, 3 assists and 18 … Read more

Cardano successfully launches smart contracts

Cardano has successfully completed its hard fork Alonzo to introduce smart contracts. For the first time, the network upgrade facilitated the creation and implementation of smart contracts on the Cardano public blockchain. Successful hard fork Cardano In a recent post on the social network Twitter, she stated that the network upgrade was successfully completed. For … Read more

Boeing Successfully Tests Intercontinental Missile Interceptor Weapon

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – Quietly Boeing apparently not only focused on the aviation business alone. The company, which is headquartered in Chicago, United States, turned out to be developing businesses in two other businesses, namely spacecraft and military weapons. A few weeks ago, Boeing had time to test their spacecraft, Starliner and surprised many … Read more

Cardano successfully deployed Alonzo HFC, but why is the price lower?

On September 12, 2021, Cardano achieved the final stage of network migration to make the network compatible with smart contracts. The long-awaited launch of the Alonzo Hard Fork Combinator marks the beginning. A new era for Cardano, the developers behind the IOHK project took to Twitter to announce successful upgrade The new upgrade has been … Read more

NASA Successfully Collects Martian Rock Samples

Jakarta – NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance has collected and stored the first mineral samples from the surface of the Red Planet. The sample will be analyzed on Earth. Devices installed on Perseverance and operated by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) United States of America (USA) near Los Angeles drilled a … Read more

:: OSEL.CZ :: – Kratos successfully tests Air Wolf jet drone for “wear” conflicts

Kratos is successfully testing an Air Wolf jet drone for “wear and tear” conflicts Kratos is working intensively on new tactical drones. Their new venture is a small Air Wolf jet drone with artificial intelligence. It is a so-called “attritable drone”, a relatively inexpensive system that can be used in a “wear and tear” conflict. … Read more