La Sonora Santanera could sue Erik Rubín and Andrea Legarreta

Despite Erik Rubín and Andrea Legarreta ended their relationship, continue to do projects togetherone of them is a tour musical llamado Cumbia Machinein which La Sonora Santanera was going to be presentbut it was from here a legal battle would begin. After years of fighting for ownership of the name with other groups La Sonora … Read more

Hair straighteners: the hair straighteners that led consumers to sue companies in the United States

Paige Neal-Holder, Kamilah McInnis BBC Newsbeat May 9, 2023 Photo credit, YVONNE E. MAXWELL image caption, Users are concerned about the ingredients in hair straighteners, but the science is inconclusive on this. But today, more than 100 lawsuits have been filed in the United States against companies that manufacture some of these products. L’Oreal’s US … Read more

Shareholders sue Adidas over Kanye West ousting

The German equipment manufacturer had made an agreement to market under the sponsorship of the star shoes which had met with enormous success. But in October, the brand with the three stripes had put an end to this collaboration after anti-Semitic remarks made by Kanye West. The decision weighed on the company’s stock price. According … Read more

Investors feel cheated and sue Adidas after Kanye West breakup – E24

Investors believe the sporting goods chain knew about Kanye West’s problematic behavior years before the partnership between West and Adidas was broken. BREAKDOWN: The collaboration between Kanye West and Adidas was interrupted after several anti-Semitic statements from West. Photo: Julien De Rosa, Christof Srache/AFP Published: Published: Yesterday 19:30 Copy link Copy link share on Facebook … Read more

Rynkowski and the son of the VOX manager want to sue Paszta’s daughter. What was it about?

Konrad Skolarski, the son of the manager and creator of the VOX band, informed that Witold Paszt’s daughter, Natalia, claims all rights to the name of the band, to which both he and Ryszard Rynkowski disagree. Lawyers are already dealing with the case, a trial is being prepared. The history of the VOX group Marek … Read more

Elon Musk threatens to sue Microsoft over ChatGPT

We have another controversial situation associated with Elon Musk. This time it involves Microsoft, ChatGPT and Twitter. The whole situation is quite convoluted, and when we delve deeper into it, it may not look as clear-cut as it seems at first glance. Basically, the point is that Twitter recently announced that access to its API … Read more

Elon Musk wants to sue Microsoft for misuse of data. He reacts to the fact that the Redmonds gave Twitter the boot – Živě.cz

Elon Musk threatens to sue Microsoft, which he says illegally used Twitter data for training. What specifically, we don’t know. It’s one of many messages from Twitter’s new boss, who has cut the workforce by roughly 80% since taking over in October and says or writes one controversial thing after another. He also irritated advertisers … Read more

How ! Dream Kanyanat posted a picture to wish him a happy birthday. Sue Settkan said sweet love…have you reconciled?

Dream Kanyanut posted a picture to wish Suea Settkan a birthday, calling each other super cute, saying sweet love, making people wonder if they are reconciled? Image from Instagram dadadreams After previously news that Sue Sek Loso’s son, Sek Loso, had broken up with his girlfriend Dream Kanyanut in early February. In addition, the woman … Read more