Sue Park Su-hong, my brother’s brother A night where I think a lot… Jae-seok Yoo, thank you for your concern

Park Soo-hong celebrates the 30th anniversary of his debut“A night with a lot of thoughts”“Thank you for the 7th class motives” Comedian Park Soo-hong/ Photo = Ten Asia DB Broadcaster Park Soo-hong made a statement on the 30th anniversary of his debut. On the 6th, Park Soo-hong posted a post on the Instagram of Da … Read more

Russian vaccine makers sue ‘defamation’ with Brazilian medical authorities

“Sputnik V in Brazil is starting to sue Anvisa for defamation by deliberately spreading false and inaccurate information,” the developers posted on their official Twitter account. Anvisa said on Monday it had rejected several states’ requests to import Sputnik V, noting that its experts had found “uncertainties” over the vaccine. Anvisa did not make its … Read more

The ex-spouse wants to sue Pelageya for half of the fees – Social life

The ex-husband of the singer Pelageya, hockey player Ivan Telegin, is going to sue his ex-wife for half of the concert fees. It is reported by Starhit. The artist’s lawyer Philip Ryabchenko explained that the athlete claims all the money from the performances that Pelageya received in three years of marriage. At the same time, … Read more

New York sue Exxon, Shell and BP for “green camouflage”

New York City has filed a lawsuit against ExxonMobil, Shell and BP, and the Industry Group of the American Petroleum Institute, over false advertising and deceptive business practices. The city says that the companies are adopting “green camouflage” by falsely convincing consumers that they are environmentally friendly, and the lawsuit calls on the companies to … Read more

Photo 1: Alejandra Guzmán is willing to sue her daughter Frida Sofía to defend her father Enrique Guzmán

Frida Sofía revealed in an interview that she was abused by her grandfather, Enrique Guzmán Alejandra Guzmán supports her father’s decisions and if a legal battle against her daughter Frida Sofía is necessary, she supports him, in order to get to the bottom of the problem and, thus, solve it. .

Chinese copy Beetle. VW lawyers sue – Observer

One of the surprises at the Shanghai Motor Show was the Ora Punk Cat, a vehicle produced by the Great Wall in which the similarities with the popular VW Beetle are evident. However, this stylistic abuse would hardly be unscathed, given the large investments and weight of Volkswagen AG in the Chinese market, associated with … Read more

Ryanair again failed to sue its competitors

Ryanair claimed that financial support from the Swedish and Danish states to the Scandinavian carrier SAS was illegal. However, the court found that it had been granted in accordance with EU law, as well as the Finnish State’s guarantees to Finnair. “The decision takes the liberalization process in air transport back 30 years,” the carrier … Read more

Novo Banco did not follow warning to sue large debtors for “harmful management” | Banking

A largest portfolio of problematic assets ever in Portugal it was sold with some credits in which “huge losses” were recorded for Novo Banco, with cases of alleged “harmful management” by the large debtors involved, suspected of practices of “intentional subtraction of assets” and “flagrant business bad faith” ”. The management of Novo Banco was … Read more

“My heart hurts” So-won Ham, rushes to sue after getting off at’Wife’s Taste’

[이데일리 김소정 기자] After getting off TV Chosun’s’wife’s taste’, Ham So-won’s recent status is’Suoso’. Ham So-won is suing netizens who slander him. Photo = Stein On the 12th, Ham So-won posted a photo of the complaint on his Instagram and said, “At some point, you learned that you were just trying to scratch the product … Read more