KAI wants to sue the car driver was hit by a KRL, the House of Representatives Commission V Advises Families

Jakarta – PT KAI sued the car driver who was hit by a KRL in the Citayam area. Chairman Commission V DPR Lasarus suggested that the problem be resolved amicably. “In my opinion, it is better to have a family solution. If you say you are wrong, you may be both wrong. Yes, if the … Read more

Reasons for KAI to sue the driver of the car that collided with the KRL in Depok

KOMPAS.com – An accident occurred between a car and a KRL Commuter Line at Citayam-Depok crossing, Wednesday (20/4/2022) morning. The location of the accident is precisely at kilometer 34+4/5 between the Bogor-Jakarta Kota station. The train that was hit was numbered KA 1077 (Bogor-Jakarta Kota). Meanwhile, the car was dragged about 10 meters and caught … Read more

Sue the “European Super” clubs! Al-Ittihad newspaper

Madrid (AFP) The Spanish judiciary opened the door for the European Football Associations “UEFA” and the international “FIFA”, to pursue the founding clubs of the European Super League, after lifting the ban imposed a year ago on their prosecution.Judge Sofia Gil of the Madrid Commercial Court, which is looking into the case, approved the appeal … Read more

“Kan Wiphakorn” proceeds to sue the Tiger’s son in 5 cases, the Kwang daughter in 3 cases, and the “Dream Found” in 4 cases!

Call it an epic family problem. for Kan Wiphakorn famous rocker’s wife magical Loso Now referred to continue to sue his son. tiger Sethkan Deer’s Daughter and Dream Tiger’s girlfriend latest (13 April 2565) Kan Wiphakorn posted a message saying Mom has warned you. don’t play big with mom thinking of fighting beware of another … Read more

Many sue Putin in the international court, what is the process?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The world was in an uproar when they saw photos of the bodies of civilians lying on the ground Ukraineallegedly killed by troops Russia. A number of parties then urged the President Vladimir Putin tried in international courts. One of those pressures came from the President of the United States, Joe … Read more

Someone wants to sue Persib-Barito, this is what the legal researcher says

Jakarta – A lawyer reportedly wants to file a lawsuit against Persib Bandung and Barito Putera related to allegations of ‘elephant football’. What do legal researchers say? As previously reported, the final result in the Persib and Barito match on the final week of the BRI Liga 1 2021 helped ensure Persipura Jayapura relegation. After … Read more

Selah Sue is back after a long absence: ‘I was on therapy since I was 14 and on antidepressants since I was 18’

Person, his new album released this Friday, March 25, stirs in all directions. Eclectic, it evokes the many facets of a personality as tormented as it is sparkling. ReasonSelah Sue’s last album before her return with Person released this Friday, March 25, dates back to 2015. Apart from an intimate EP (Bedroom) released in 2020, … Read more

Can’t stand it! Nick Kunathip prepares to sue for keyboard troll Loud and beautiful

From the case of young actor Nick Kunathip giving an interview to the media There is talk about the flask, the manager of watermelon Nida in the past personality traits. but was mistaken for siding Until some netizens came to comment with vulgar words. Recently, the person has come out to move through his personal … Read more

Damso in the studio with Selah Sue: an excerpt is out

A video of Selah Sue and Damso in the studio unveiled on social networks seems to announce that their featuring should arrive soon. New Belgian connection approaching Damso is on all fronts. While he recently unveiled his featuring with Aya Nakamura on the song Quickdrawthe Belgian rapper counts well continue his collaborations with female voices … Read more