Alejandra Guzmán reacts sharply to the announcement that her father will sue Frida Sofía in the US

The case of lawsuits between Frida sofia and his grandfather Enrique Guzman It goes a long way, in the dark case of the alleged sexual abuse that the singer’s granddaughter denounced to the world. Given the new escalation of the controversy, due to the announcement that the father of Alejandra Guzman will sue his granddaughter … Read more

Russian police visited Communist Party headquarters and refused to sue

Officials appeared in Moscow, in the office of Deputy Speaker Ivan Melnikov, to the agency “InterfaxSaid his party colleague. They prevented two lawyers from taking other lawsuits from the party’s premises and taking them to court. Both lawyers were called to the police station, the report said. Communistswho were second only to the Kremlin-backed party … Read more

Needle 3 has arrived! Land transport informs a bus driver who injects 2 Sinovac injections in Bang Sue, waiting for an SMS to make an injection appointment.

Needle 3 has arrived! Land transport informs a bus driver who injects 2 Sinovac injections in Bang Sue, waiting for an SMS to make an injection appointment. on September 28 Department of Land Transport public relations notice Drivers of all types of public buses in Bangkok Those who received both Sinovac vaccines from the Bang … Read more

Observer Surprised Yusril Ihza Mahendra Helped the Moeldoko faction to sue Democrats’ AD/ART: Could be Dangerous

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Political observer at UIN Syarief Hidayatullah, Adi Prayitno, also responded to the new chapter of the dualism conflict in the Democratic Party. Most recently, the name of the Chairman of the Crescent Star Party (PBB) as well as an expert in constitutional law, Yusril Ihza Mahendra Get involved. Yusril is known to be … Read more

[Y이슈] Sue Lee-sook’s ‘death rumors’ fake news spreader sued… Strong response notice

Actor Seo Yi-sook (55) side eventually sued a netizen who spread fake news that he had died. According to OSEN’s report on the 23rd, Seo Yi-sook’s side was reported to have filed a complaint through the Mapo Police Station in Seoul. Earlier on the afternoon of the 20th, the online community ‘DC Inside'[단독] Actor Lee … Read more

FlickType will sue Apple for erasing its keyboard for Apple Watch and then releasing a similar one

Image: Apple Apple announced Tuesday the Apple Watch Series 7, which has a larger screen than the previous ones. To take advantage of the new screen size, the watch comes for the first time with a QWERTY layout keyboard where you can type by tapping letters or sliding your finger, just like on the phone. … Read more

Nicole Scherzinger: the Pussycat Dolls sue her

Nothing is going well within the Pussycat Dolls. Although the group had ignited the web last year with the announcement of their big comeback and a new single titled “React”, the already fragile relationship between headliner Nicole Scherzinger and the rest of the group is once again beating low. the wing. • Read also: Pussycat … Read more

“Should I sue CNN?” Joe Rogan lashes out at liberal network for claiming to have taken “horse dewormer” to fight Covid-19 – RT USA News

Podcast host Joe Rogan says he recovered quickly from Covid-19 after taking a stack of drugs, including ivermectin. Now he’s talking about suing CNN for calling the antiparasitic drug he took a “horse dewormer.” “Brother, should I sue CNN? “ Rogan asked during an episode of his podcast released Tuesday. “They make up bullshit. They … Read more

“If it doesn’t work, he will sue death!”: Musk mocks Bezos for reports he invested in anti-aging research

Published: 8 sep 2021 03:41 GMT The report that Bezos invested in Altos Labs, a startup that raised at least $ 270 million, was published last week by MIT Technology Review. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, mocked Jeff Bezos on Tuesday amid reports that the Amazon founder became one of the investors … Read more

Aziza’s husband, who decided to sue, is waiting for a “surprise”

September 7, 2021 13:59 Aziza’s hopes will not come true. After the program “Live” with Andrei Malakhov, Alexander Sokolov (better known as Alexandro Lorte), Aziza’s husband, had the idea to sue everyone who came to the show and “slandered” him and his mother. Claims will be filed within the framework of the law “On the … Read more