Colonel Laut (P) Iwa Kartiwa Explains the Chronology of the Pain He suffered due to pinched nerves

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Former Commander of KRI Nanggala 402, Marine Colonel (P) Iwa Kartiwa recounts the chronology of his illness, during a press conference at the Indonesian Navy Hospital (RSAL) Dr. Mintohardjo, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (4/5/2021) ). Also Read: Asrena KSAL: Colonel Iwa Kartiwa’s illness was not due to mercury radiation Marine Colonel (P) Iwa … Read more

Amalia Granata referred to the infidelity she suffered and differentiated it from the Horacio Cabak case: “Leo looked me in the eye and spoke the truth to me”

Almost 5 years have passed since the scandalous infidelity of Leo Squarzon, current partner of the deputy, Amalia Granata. At that time, the circumstance was quite particular since the communicator was pregnant, which made everything more complicated for the couple. However, with a lot of will and love on the part of both, they managed … Read more

For the second time, Plíšková suffered two canaries during one season. He ends up in Madrid on Pavlyuchenkov

Karolina Pliskova she played eight tournaments this year and won her opening match each time. But this is probably the only statistic he can boast of lately. Since last January’s triumph in Brisbane, she has not won more than one match in 12 of the 16 tournaments. Only once (last September on the way to … Read more

Britney Spears’ father said she suffered from dementia in guardianship documents: report

Britney Spears’ dad says pop star daughter has dementia when filing documents Take control of their finances More than ten years ago, according to a new report. The bombshell revelation will be discussed in an upcoming BBC documentary on the 39-year-old singer, “The Battle for Britney” the sun I mentioned it on Friday. Jimmy Spears, … Read more

The image of AstraZenec suffered, the vaccine from Pfizer would be accepted by 70 percent of people, Focus showed – Denník N

According to the latest Focus survey, up to seven out of ten Slovaks could be vaccinated against covid-19 – but if it were a vaccine from the American-German consortium Pfizer-BioNTech. Vaccination with this substance is more or less acceptable for 70 percent of respondents, about a quarter of respondents have the opposite attitude. The agency … Read more

Record loss of Czech Railways. They suffered four billion crowns due to the pandemic

The number of passengers dropped by a third last year, and the company’s costs rose due to protective equipment or disinfection. The Czech Railways Group reported a loss of 4.1 billion crowns last year. It follows from results published by the company today. The biggest drop in sales affected passenger transport. Due to measures against … Read more

Felipe Arias, from RCN, says he saw the tunnel when he suffered a heart attack; felt that he was dying

Today, the journalist from RCN still in recovery, at home and back to work (where they received it with an emotional message), but noted in the recent print edition of See that the experience he lived was difficult. And it is that he remembered that there was a moment in which he felt “anguish”, because … Read more

PPF’s financial branch suffered 14.3 billion crowns due to the pandemic

The pandemic completely changed the finances of the PPF FH group, which earned 507 million euros a year earlier. She published the results in last year’s annual report. “The main reason for the loss is that Home Credit was hit hard by the pandemic, while PPF banka remained profitable, although the profit is significantly lower … Read more

Woman fell from a cliff in Albufeira and suffered several injuries

Marisa Rodrigues 24 April 2021 at 19:16 A woman suffered several injuries following a fall from a cliff, this Saturday, on the beach of Poço Velho, in Albufeira. The victim allegedly breached a safety barrier and fell from a height of about 10 meters. The 42-year-old Ukrainian woman was on a walk with her family … Read more

Doctor dies in Oaxaca after receiving COVID vaccine; suffered from diabetes and hypertension – El Financiero

The 80-year-old doctor Armando Canseco Peralta died this afternoon, hours after receiving the COVID 19 vaccine. After receiving the CanSino biological, he was taken to a waiting room along with other people where he began to feel dizzy and headaches – according to witnesses – for which it was necessary to transfer him to a … Read more