Suffering from a rare disease, Ashton Kutcher considers himself happy to be alive

Ashton Kutcher has revealed he suffered from an autoimmune disease that left him unable to see, hear and walk. • Read also: A Sequel Announced For That ’70s Show With Almost All The Same Cast • Read also: Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis raised 30 million for Ukraine The American actor made this confidence to … Read more

Suffering from Shen Teng Ma Li dependence disorder, how can Happy Twist keep half of Chinese comedy? _movie_box office_Allen

Original title: Suffering from Shen Teng Ma Li dependence disorder, how does Happy Twist keep half of Chinese comedy? Sohu Entertainment Zhuangao (Hamai/Text) In July and August this year, the total box office of movies nationwide has accumulated 5.2 billion yuan, exceeding the same period last year, of which “Lonely Walk on the Moon” contributed … Read more

“I thought about having an abortion when I wanted the baby”: the infernal pregnancy of Mélissa, suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum

January 31, 2022, the day of the birth of her granddaughter, was a deliverance for Mélissa Liénard, as the pregnancy was so nightmarish. “I had vomiting and nausea, which is normal for any pregnant woman.… Take advantage of our current offer and access to all our articles in unlimited

In the absence of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the loss of the Olympic Committee…: Basketball’s achievements are from the womb of suffering and from “live meat”

With the gradual return of the players of the Lebanese basketball team from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, where the Lebanese team grabbed attention for 10 days, during which it turned into a national “champion” who beat the “seniors” of Asia without fear or dread, and brought them down one by one starting from the Philippines, … Read more

The shocking announcement of the Olympic champion. The German tennis player is suffering from a serious illness

German tennis player Alexander Zverev came with a big confession. The 25-year-old Olympic champion from Tokyo announced on Saturday that he has diabetes. Alexander Zverev has diabetes Type 1, which is not curable, and the German tennis player must inject insulin for the rest of his life. The winner of 19 tournaments on the ATP … Read more

Pol Espargaro: I’ve Signed the Contract, Ends ‘Suffering’ at Honda? – Next season Pol Espargaro will no longer race for the Repsol Honda team. But the 31-year-old rider doesn’t want to talk openly about his future. Most likely, starting next year the Spaniard will join the Tech3 team with an identical KTM or GASGAS. How far is the negotiation going? “I can’t say anything … Read more

I sold all my tricks.. Sherif Khairallah reveals his suffering after losing his memory

The artist, Sherif Khairallah, revealed the details of the crisis he went through during four years, due to the scarcity of roles offered to him, during his meeting on the Al-Sitat program. Sharif Khairallah said in his interview with the two media professionals, Moufida Shiha and Suhair Joudeh, on the “Al-Satat” program broadcast on Al-Nahar … Read more

Suffering from HIV and cancer, an American survived in extremis thanks to a stem cell transplant

Update on July 31, 2022 at 6:24 p.m. Published on July 31, 2022 at 5:30 PM par Chloé Lescaut – From Fonseca In the United States, a medical feat has just been achieved. After transplanting stem cells into a patient with cancer and HIV, the American institute City of Hope claimed to have cured a … Read more

Carfagna leaves the Forza Italia group, goes to Mixed – Politics

Mara Carfagna he leaves the Forza Italia group in the Chamber and passes to Mixed: President Roberto Fico communicated this to the Montecitorio Assembly. The same path was followed during the day by the forceist deputy Rossella Sessa: “I leave the Fi group with political regret and personal suffering: from today I will be in … Read more