Bloating, gas, edema, reflux, constipation pass them all! It will make the stomach like cotton in Ramadan! No more suffering after iftar – Gallery

21.03.2023 11:46 Last Updated: 22.03.2023 11:34 While fasting during Ramadan, stomach pain, burning and constipation are among the most common ailments. Fasting before sahur, eating fast and a lot at iftar, being tempted by the festive treats are the most tiring reasons for the stomach in this period. When you break your fast, it is … Read more

Lithuanians shocked by the suffering of Ukrainians – about the panic in their eyes and why victims of abuse are silent

The first part of the “Lietuvos ryto” investigation “The Ukrainian wounded in the battle had lost hope, but the Lithuanian surgeon created a miracle” read here. Horror and panic in the eyes Lithuanian doctors also help the wounded in Ukraine itself. Not one of them brought back from the war-torn country an experience that strongly … Read more

After suffering from a rare disease, the son of the singer, Muhammad Tharwat, sends him a message

09:02 p Sunday, March 19, 2023 Director Ahmed Tharwat sent a touching message to his father, the great singer Mohamed Tharwat, thanking him for his support during his illness after suffering from a rare immune disease. And Ahmed Tharwat shared with his fans a picture that brought him together with his father through his Facebook … Read more

Sam Neill: what type of cancer is the actor of “Jurassic Park” suffering from

Writing* BBC News World March 18, 2023 image source, Universal Pictures Caption, Sam Neill played paleontologist Alan Grant in “Jurassic Park” (1993). When actor Sam Neill was told what he had, he recalls first thinking, “I’m sick, I’m going to die,” but then taking it easy. The protagonist of the hit movie “Jurassic Park”, now … Read more

After suffering with the municipality, the huge umbrella crisis on Cristiano’s balcony is resolved

Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo The Lisbon City Council granted the “don” permission to build a “pergola” and not a “giant umbrella”. Al _ Agencies Published in: March 15, 2023: 07:01 PM GST Last updated: Mar 15, 2023: 07:18 PM GST The star, Cristiano Ronaldo, player of the Saudi club Al-Nasr, will finally be able to … Read more

Suffering from couperosis? Your skin needs this

You may first think of a cozy blush on your cheeks from walking in the cold, but if it doesn’t disappear then you’ll take a closer look. Small blood vessels, surrounded by a red, irregular haze. Couperose. What does a skin with this skin problem need? This content is imported from {embed-name}. You may be … Read more

Ugo, 4, from Messancy, thought he had the flu despite suffering from group A strep

Of a discreet nature, Stéphanie Weber, however, decided to let her anger explode on social networks. This mother from Messancy almost lost her son Ugo, only 4 years old. “My mom’s heart is filled with hate and anger! “, can we read on his Facebook page. Her child almost lost his life due to the … Read more

Brno ended this year’s suffering with Příbram. Captain Böhm and chairman Peterka finish. What’s next for the club? | PÍ

Photo: Ladislav Nepožitek / with consent On Saturday, Příbram played at home for the rematch of the preliminary play-off round against Brno. Even the support of the home crowd and changes in the lineup could not wake the players from the lethargy of the last few games. The key factor was once again the service, … Read more