Riga’s “Dinamo” breaks in the third period and suffers a loss in Kazan

Gints Meija and Lauris Dārziņš scored for “Dinamo”. In the first half of the first period, the Rigans passed one minority, but in the second half, after Mikhail Glukhov hit Ralph Freiberg in the face, he had the opportunity to play in the majority for five minutes. The violation of the numerical line – up … Read more

Christina Applegate suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. He writes about his health in moving words. “I’m trying to raise my head”

More information on multiple sclerosis and other diseases on the Gazeta.pl home page. “Beverly Hills, 90210”. They starred in the series and became stars overnight. But their lives weren’t easy Christina Applegate known to a wider audience for her roles in such hits as: “Who is Samantha?” or “School of flight attendants”, and most of … Read more

Special art – Safa Sultan suffers a stroke and reveals her health condition

The star was exposedSafa SultanTo a health care provider who admitted her to the hospital several times and kept her at home. She told “Al-Fan”, “I was in strong, unbearable pain at a time when I was no longer able to move, so I was taken to the hospital in an emergency manner, and after … Read more

Pray for him to recover.. The artist, Moheb Kasir, suffers from a heart attack and is hospitalized

The artist Moheb Kasser is currently lying in a hospital in the city of October after suffering a health crisis in the heart and kidneys, and the wife of the artist Moheb Kasser said in special statements for the seventh day that he was suffering from a weak heart muscle with some age diseases and … Read more

“We are in a cattle in which everyone suffers” – there was a meeting on the camping of the Badacsonyörs campsite

The former campsite in Badacsonyörs, part of the Badacsonytomaj municipality, was used as a beach by the locals, but recently wildlife has dozed off wildlife. No one knows what will be built here and what will happen to access to the waterfront. There was a tense public briefing on Monday, but nothing was revealed about … Read more

This Nollywood actor suffers from dementia

Nollywood actor Olu Jacobs His wife revealed veteran Nigerian actor Oulu Jacobs suffered from dementia According to his wife Joke Silva, the veteran actor of Nollywood Olu Jacobs was ill and she publicly disclosed her husband’s health. The actor’s wife revealed in an interview that her husband Oulu Jacobs suffers from Lewy Body Dementia (DCL). … Read more

Eden Hazard again withdrawn from Real Madrid, he suffers from gastroenteritis

Real Madrid will not be able to count on Eden Hazard on Sunday at the Granada pitch for Matchday 14 of La Liga. The captain of the Red Devils is forfeited due to gastroenteritis, the Madrid coach announced at a press conference on Saturday. “Hazard feels like all players who don’t play enough, he’s not … Read more

Lubuklinggau Silampari Airport Suffers Suffering, Airline Forced to Stop Flights

Author : Eko Hepronis SRIPOKU.COM, LUBUKLINGGAU – This time Silampari Airport, Lubuklinggau South Sumatra (Sumsel) is in a state of suspended animation. Until, Friday (11/19/2021) there were no airlines serving flights to this airport. Finally, Batik Air, which usually serves Lubuklinggau Jakarta flights, and vice versa, stops flights. Even Wings Air, which is part of … Read more

Queen Elizabeth suffers from this disease and is experiencing disappointment

Queen Elizabeth suffered a sprain in her back, which prevented her from attending Sunday mass in central London on “Day of Remembrance”, to commemorate the country’s war dead. British officials confirmed that the Queen was disappointed at her inability to attend the event, so she spent the night in the hospital, and doctors were advised … Read more

Amazon suffers a new setback over its drone delivery project

The US e-commerce giant Amazon has changed the tasks of a team of employees at its center for research and development of drones based in Paris to new projects, which represents another setback for the company’s project to deliver orders by drones.Bloomberg News reported today, Friday, that the twelve-person team, which previously focused on drone … Read more